How to Make More Time For Yoga

Are you looking to amp up your yoga routine; or include it in your daily schedule more? I am asked all of the time how do I fit in my yoga practice as a busy, working mom of three boys. I think it all begins with the right mindset. Think about how much more time you end up having after spending moments on your mat learning how to be more mindful. When you are present in each moment, you are actually able to accomplish more! You stay focused on the task at hand and complete your daily activities easier. So remember this next time you don’t think you have the time to move through some sun salutations.

Set an Alarm

It takes 22 days to form a habit. Setting a daily alarm can help get you into the swing of including yoga as part of your everyday habits.

Doing something as simple as setting your alarm can get you making time for yoga once a day throughout the week. Doing a nice flow first thing in the morning can help boost your energy levels. Practicing right before bed can help to promote calmness and relaxation.

Yoga Books

There are many great yoga books on the market that can help you stay motivated and learn more about the practice of yoga.

Some you may want to invest in:

  • Light On Yoga
  • My Chair Yoga Book
  • Yoga Anatomy
  • BKS Iyengar Yoga
  • The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
  • The Yogi Assignment

I often grab one off my shelf to read to give me inspiration.

Peloton Yoga Classes

Peloton offers an exciting at-home experience that makes you feel empowered, supported and guided throughout your yoga journey. Live classes help you feel accountable; when you get a shout out from your yoga teacher or a high five from a friend who’s practicing along, you’re more apt to keep coming back.

All of the classes live on demand and there are so many awesome options to choose from. Peloton offers everything from beginner to advanced to kids to prenatal to restorative yoga to power yoga classes.

Set Up a Sacred Space

Making a space specifically for yoga is a great way of committing to making time to actually do it.

Creating a space that promotes calmness, good energy, and positive vibes can help you show up for your daily yoga practice. Keep your mat out and blocks at the front. Maybe light some candles or have some essential oils handy. I love to sniff some peppermint before my practice and then dab a little lavender on my wrists before savasana.

Take A Time Inventory

Sometimes something as simple as making a list on how you spend your time each day can be helpful. Identify time “wasters” and time gaps where you can fit in yoga.

A great way to do this is to track your days for one week. At the end of the week take a look at each day and markdown open spaces. You can also look at things you did that you might actually be able to outsource or delegate so you can do yoga instead. I ask my husband to unload the dishes and take down the trash. If you don’t have someone to share tasks with, find other times when you could have been on your mat instead of social media for instance.

This will help to set a clear schedule for when you want to practice stretching your body.

Identify Your WHY

Often times we will only stay dedicated and make time for the things that bring us joy. Why do you want to make more time for yoga?

Is it because you like the euphoric feeling afterward? The calm that settles you during the practice? Whatever it is, identify it so you can stay motivated to practice.

I hope these tips and tricks inspired you to find time for yourself. Yoga is such a wonderful gift and way to connect with your body, mind, and soul. The more you practice the more peaceful, focused, energized, and calm you’ll feel.

Ultimately, why are you making more time for yoga? I’d love to know.

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