My New Favorite Yoga Jumpsuit!

I am always on the run constantly, to teach, to work and go to go to the playground. Normally you will always see me in active wear. Leggings and a tank top is my normal mom/yoga uniform. Being able to move and being comfortable is very important to me. I like to show students challenging poses. I also like to run at the park with my three little boys, as well as get workouts in myself. When I go to events you will see me in jeans and a cute top or even a dress. Which is the complete opposite of my day to day look. I usually have to run home to change out of leggings before I go to events.

The Best Jumpsuit

I recently stumbled upon a brand that carries the softest jumpsuits for the modern mom and yogi. I am so excited that I can wear my new batik jumpsuit from the Yogi Times Boutique to workout as well as to an event! Put on high heels or booties and throw a mini skirt over the unitard and look adorable. I can also throw a pretty sweater on top.
The jumpsuit is handmade from bamboo. It is a must have  for all kinds of situations: yoga, dance class, gym, lunch with a friend, etc. It is so soft that I don’t want to take it off. The jumpsuit is made out of Rayon and Lycra and is fitted to the body. The jumpsuit is available in black, sand and forest green.
It makes doing yoga fun as I do not have to pull my pants up, or my shirt down when practicing. In clings to the body to make your practice amazing. I can wear the jumpsuit to workout then run to lunch with a friend and then out to dinner! It can be paired with cute shoes and a sweater or a running jacket and I am ready to go.


YOGI TIMES  is a lifestyle website for the modern yogi.  It was born out of a vision to unify a community of people who were all seeking a unique lifestyle. The entire team comes together each month and collectively shares their knowledge, creativity and inspiration to produce the striking magazine and products for the yogi.

The YOGI TIMES boutique creates mindful relationships, long term commitments and engagement with like-minded people, who just like them believe in providing a service or product that comes from the heart. The products are hand-selected with the goal of inspiring each member of the community to achieve balance, feel nourished, and live happy healthier lives.

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