Heart Opening Poses for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just two days away so it’s time to show yourself and others some love. Our heart center can often get blocked during the winter months because we are all bundled up and hunched forward. New York has seen some frigid cold temps lately and I often find myself wrapping my arms around me tight to stay warm.

Our arms are a direct extension of our heart and it’s important to open them up and give someone else a hug too. The importance of touch is so underestimated in our society. When I come home from a long day of teaching the first thing I want to do is wrap my arms around my little guy and give him a giant squeeze. When I hug Timothy tight it gives me the greatest joy. I hate the nights when my husband works so late and I can’t give him a proper hug when he gets home from work. The longer we go without sharing our love for each other, the harder it can be to stay connected. 

Try doing these heart opening yoga postures to tap in to the many ways you can spread the love from within to others you deeply care for. Make it a priority to do something special for yourself and someone you love this Friday and every single day. We shouldn’t need a special holiday to celebrate our love for each other; but Valentine’s Day is a great reminder to stay connected and never let a day go by without a kiss or hug or squeeze for someone you care about. 

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Crescent Lunge–From hands and knees lunge your right foot forward between your hands and lengthen the left leg back in space pressing the top of the foot on to the mat. Lift your chest and open your heart as you let your left quadriceps stretch open. Make sure to engage your lower abdominals and back bend out of the upper chest. Hold and breathe for five to eight breaths before doing the left side. 

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Camel–After Crescent lunge on the left side, come back to all fours then lift your self up to a kneeling position. Tuck under your tail and lift your chest upwards as you reach your hands back for your heels. If you’re tight in your lower back, flex your feet or keep your hands on your lower back. Hold for five breaths. 

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Fish–Lie down on your back and press your hands in to the floor alongside your waist. Pick your head up and prop the top of the head on the mat. Puff your chest open to the ceiling and try and take the weight off of your elbows. Breathe deeply in to the upper back and chest for five breaths then release the head and lie down. Notice how open your chest feel and allow yourself to feel loved and supported by the earth. 

Now go give someone you love a gigantic hug!

hug of war

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