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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA WOW! This year is my first Mother’s Day, I am SO excited. I feel beyond blessed to have such an amazing little boy. Being a mom is the best thing ever, I never in a million years imagined how incredible it would be. I will celebrate the special day with so much joy in my heart. I think about my mom who is the most wonderful woman ever. She has taught me how to give unconditionally; and because of her I feel I am the mother I am today.

It’s difficult to think of a gift for someone who gives us life and nurtures and nourishes us as we grow. If someone asked me what I wanted for Mother’s Day, I would say to spend the entire day with my little guy. I hate the days I have to work or be away from him for extended periods of time. I am starting to learn, though, that it’s very important to be kind to myself and I need to continue to do things that I love for me in order to be a better mommy for Timothy. So besides spending all day with him, here is a list of some of things I would love and some ideas for you to give to your own mom (or to show your husband so he can treat you!).

I love to workout and do yoga. If my husband gave me an hour to go to yoga class on Mother’s Day, I would be so happy! If you want to get your mom a credit for a class of mine on Vidergize you can and use the code “bendigirl” for a free credit. You could also buy a workout or Yoga DVD for you mom or really splurge and buy her a week long retreat! I will be teaching at Cal-a-Vie  spa in September you could get her (or yourself, or both of you) this week of pampering as a very special gift.

When I’m working out, I want to look and feel my very best. I recently became an ambassador for C9 by Champion at Target. I love C9, it’s stylish, supportive, fun, affordable and easy to wear on the go. Some of my favorite pieces right now include the C9 by Champion Women’s Open Back Yoga Layering TopWomen’s Advanced Performance Fashion Capri Tight and their Seamless Sports Bra. Ask you hubby to get you these pieces and you will be a very happy mommy! I am definitely getting the layering top for my mom and sister-in-laws for Mother’s Day.

Breakfast in bed is always a great treat on Mother’s Day. I prefer a healthy breakfast and would love my husband to make me a granola parfait. I recently discovered Steve’s Paleo Granola, it’s delish and nutrish! Layer some of Steve’s granola, fresh raspberries, blueberries, strawberries and plain greek yogurt in a pretty dish, served with a cup of coffee and vase of flowers on the side and I would be in heaven. Whip up this special pretty breakfast for your mom if you’re with her on Mother’s Day; or send her some of Steve’s Paleo Krunch Cereal and flowers so she can make her own parfait.

If you practice at home or go to a studio, it’s always nice to have your own mat. I love the Stillmotion mat by Sequence because it has built in grip zones for your hands and feet; and it’s the perfect thickness. I also love that I can do Pilates on it or use it for yoga. Make sure to read my newsletter this week and check out my FB page to see how you can win one of 5 Stillmotion mats.

A stylish mat carrier such as the Agoya loop makes a beautiful gift for your mom. I love the colors and simplicity of the agoya loop; and the company pays such attention to details. The packaging and presentation is quite special. With your gorgeous new mat bag carrier and awesome new sticky mat, you can dress up in your C9 apparel and head to a yoga class (or reserve an hour at home for yourself) looking stylish and feeling great. A good healthy breakfast, some new workout clothes, an awesome tote for your mat and an hour to do yoga, I can’t imagine a better Mother’s Day! Just an hour of pampering is all I need to feel incredible and be there 100% for my incredible little guy.

Happy Mother’s Day to you and to all of the amazing mom’s out there. Mom’s remind us that we can make our dreams come true and to never stop believing, imagining or achieving. Now that I’m a mom myself I realize how very important my  job is, and that is it the most difficult job in the world. I truly respect, appreciate and cherish my mother even more now and strive to be the best mom I can be.

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