Healthy Kid’s Snacks!

I LOVE summertime and I am so excited for some outdoor fun with the boys. We play baseball, soccer, and jump on the trampoline in our backyard. We also love to do yoga outside. All of our activity sure does build up our appetite. I always tell my boys to listen to their bodies and eat when they need a snack in between meals. I just make sure to keep healthy treats on hand so they can choose something that gives them nourishment and helps them stay energized!

Here are a few of our favorite healthy snacks as of late:


Keetz are low sugar, plant-based, high-protein alternative to the traditional health bar. I love these filling energy bites. They are free of added sugars, dairy, gluten, nuts, and soy; and come in three different flavors.

Cacao – This bar is great for you and the kids to get that chocolate fix without a sugar overload. It is made with 100% organic raw cacao powder, crunchy nibs, and sweetened with fiber-rich dates.

Maca – Maca is my favorite with caramel and cinnamon; and an ancient herb known for boosting energy naturally and balancing hormones.

Turmeric – Tumeric is a great anti-inflammatory so this bar is great to keep the kid’s immune system strong, and healthy, all summer long. Made with natural ingredients full of antioxidants, fiber, and anti-inflammatory properties. Fresh turmeric powder is combined with cold-pressed pumpkin seed butter and dates for a smooth sweetness.

Stylish Spoon

I love Stylish Spoon’s oatmeal cups and often have one or two for breakfast. When their line expanded to healthy cookies as well, I was thrilled. I can finally offer my boys super yummy, super healthy baked goods! All treats are plant-based and vegan; as well as completely dairy, soy, and grain-free. Timothy’s favorite is the rainbow sprinkle cookie and the twins love the oatmeal cups as much as I do! They ship nationwide.


Each baked bar is packed with protein to keep you energized all morning. They are also a great mid-day pick me up. My kids are the biggest fan of these tasty good for you snacks.

Check out their site to have them delivered to your doorstep in NYC or shipped nationwide.

AMG Snacks

AMG Snacks are delicious bites that are a perfect clean on-the-go snack. They are great for the kids (and you) to enjoy as a quick morning breakfast or mid-day pick me up.

These energy bites are the perfect guilt-free snack made with all-natural ingredients. Flavors include almond chai, raspberry hazelnut, peanut butter chocolate, espresso, strawberry vanilla; and my personal favorite cherry pistachio (to die for!).

Check out their website to stock up on these delicious, energizing bites.

My Super Foods

My Super Foods are one of my favorite healthy snacks for my three boys. They are nutrient-dense little cookies with added superfoods like chia seeds, coconut oil, acai, and baobab. The snacks are certified organic, kosher, whole grain, and baked in a peanut and tree nut-free facilities so that all kids can enjoy them.

Some of my boy’s favorites are the apple raisin and blueberry acai bites! To get yours check out their website here. 

Made Good

Made Good Foods have always been a favorite in our family. We love everything from their granola bars to their soft-baked mini cookies and their crispy light granola. You can eat these healthy treats for breakfast, or for a snack throughout the day.


Made good are made with six hidden veggies in every snack. They are also certified organic, vegan, gluten-free, and safe for schools. We are huge fans of the chocolate chip granola bars.

To check out their website and order your own click here.

Shrewd Food

Shrewd food is one of the boys’ favorite snack! These snacks are deliciously crafted so that you’re eating healthier while at the same time not sacrificing taste, texture or quality.

All of the snacks are high in protein, low fat, low carb, and have low sugar. They are the perfect combination of smart, healthy, and tasty. A huge bonus is the different snacks they offer for the pickiest of kids. Some options include the Protein Puffs, Protein Croutons, Protein Dippers, Keto Dippers, and Protein Cookies.

The boys love the protein oat and chip cookies the best!

Check them out and try one for yourself and your kids this summer here.

Healthy snacks always make summer days better. I’d love to hear what you’re munching on these days!

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