Healthier Alternatives To White Bread

We all know the dangers of eating white bread. White bread is made from refined grains that get broken down into glucose quickly in the body, it causes blood sugar and insulin spikes and sets you up for a blood sugar roller coaster that’s difficult to get off. This can cause a whole lot of horrible symptoms in the body including dizziness, tiredness, feelings of hunger and even long term conditions like diabetes. White bread is full of additives and chemicals, and overall is just generally unnecessary and bad for our health. However there are still ways to enjoy a lunchtime sandwich, or have something to dip into your healthy soup without a slice of white bread in sight!

Choose Whole Wheat and Multigrain Varieties

There’s a lot of confusion around carbs in general. The truth is, you shouldn’t be cutting them out completely since meals without carbs can actually cause liver damage. It’s all about the quantity and types of carbs you’re eating- multigrain and whole wheat bread can definitely be part of a healthy and balanced eating plan, since they contain additional fiber and nutrition than their plain white counterpart. We might have grown up eating white bread which is why we think we like it; but it’s actually incredibly bland- whole wheat and multigrain varieties offer so much more in the way of texture and flavor. For added crunch, flavor and nutrients you could choose a seeded loaf.

Baking Bread Baking your own bread allows you to control exactly what goes in it

Bake Your Own

Baking your own bread is a fantastic habit to get into. You know exactly what goes into it, safely know that you’re not ingesting any additional chemicals or ingredients. Instead you can add delicious extras such as sundried tomatoes, caramelized onions or a selection of herbs– this is always going to be so much more tasty than anything you’ll find baked, sliced and thrown onto the shelves in a supermarket. Baking your own bread is something that everyone should get on board with; but is especially important if you’re gluten free. Even though the range of gluten free foods we can buy in supermarkets now has increased dramatically, it’s still expensive and you only have access to a small selection of choices. Check out gluten free bread machine recipes and become a master at baking your own bread.

Whole wheat and multigrain bread is full of fiber so a much healthier option Bread

Switch It Out

The right kind of bread can definitely have a place within a healthy and balanced eating plan. However there are plenty of swaps you could make too so that you’re not eating it every single day. For example, you could use corn tortillas or lettuce leaves as wraps. You could choose wholegrain crackers or ryebreads such as Ryvita for a lighter alternative. Even rice cakes can make a good platform for stacking your lean sandwich meats and veggies on, go for rice cakes using brown rice or quinoa. To cut down on your bread consumption you could even opt for an ‘open sandwich’ where you only use one slice of bread.

Open faced sandwich Consider an ‘open sandwich’ on one slice of bread to cut down your bread consumption


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