Health Warrior’s New Protein Powder!

Working in the health and wellness space, I find that everyone’s bodies are so different. I have always  loved working out; but that is not to say that I was always the healthiest. I have helped many clients gain strength, become more toned, and lose weight. Having six-pack or being a certain number on scale is not always the best goal. If you feel good you will look good! It all starts from the inside out like I mention in my 21 Day Post Partum Plan!

I like to feel strong, happy, and healthy; and try and give my clients the same advice. Being all of those things is attainable for everyone, no matter what that looks like for you. I try and combine healthy food in ways that taste delicious, without being too extreme in any one way of eating. I let myself indulge a little bit; and eat in moderation.

One of the things I do try to eat at every meal, though, is protein. A good rule of thumb is to make  1/4 of your plate some sort of protein (vegetarian or meat based). Protein makes you feel fuller faster, and is the king of all nutrients. Protein can also reduce hunger and boost metabolism. You can get protein in many different foods such as beef, poultry, dairy, eggs, beans, soy, tofu, tempeh, nuts and nut butters.

When I’m running out the door in the morning; and do not have time to eat any protein, like eggs, my go to is a shake. I load it with almond milk, a banana and protein powder. It’s a quick and easy way to add protein to your diet.

Protein Powder from Health Warrior

I recently tried a new protein powder from Health Warrior that I really enjoy. It is a plant based powder with superfoods. It can be tough to get all the nutrients your body needs especially when it comes to protein. Adding protein to your daily smoothie or having a shake as a post-workout snack, is essential to building muscles and supporting healthy body functions.

The Superfood Protein Powder from Health Warrior  is a clean plant based protein powder. The powder is sourced from a superfood blend of pumpkin, chia, flax, and hemp seeds. It has 20 grams of protein in each serving. The Superfood Protein Powder does not have any fillers, all of the ingredients are from real food. The powder is sweetened with monk fruit and thickened naturally by flax and chia seeds. Probiotics are also added in each serving to promote a healthy and happy gut and help the protein be digested well. The powder helps support healthy digestion while providing necessary fuel to power your workout or your day. The powder is also great for Whole 30, Paleo and vegan diets. It comes in vanilla and chocolate flavors!

I not only like to use the Super Food Protein Powder in my smoothies for on the go; I also bake it in treats,  add it to oatmeal< as well as drink it on it’s own with almond milk. It is good anytime of the day for a great pick me up. In rice krispie squares I like to replace the marshmallows with peanut butter and protein powder to up the protein and have a square after a workout. I recently went on a hunt for some more recipes and I found several I think sound super yummy.

Health Warrior

I am a big fan of Health Warrior, a while back I reviewed the Chia Bars from Health Warrior! Health Warrior believes in using only the most nourishing, real, complete foods on the planet.  They believe that superfoods are the most nourishing foods and unnecessary fillers and ingredients don’t serve a purpose. They set out to formulate a protein powder that fit as many diets as possible and is powered by superfoods with none of the additives of other powders. The first 50 people to enter their info in the link will receive a sample of both vanilla and chocolate protein.

I would love to hear where you get your protein from and new ways to use protein powder. 






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