Health Warrior’s New Mug Muffin!

When it comes to eating breakfast, I will never skip that meal! I NEED fuel and energy for my highly active, chaotic days. Now that Timothy is in school, I have even more tasks each morning, from packing his lunch to getting him dressed and ready, to making sure he is well fed. I experiment with as many healthy foods as I can for him and my toddler twins. I make eggs, healthy pancakes, waffles, Greek yogurt parfaits, etc. By the time I sit down to eat my breakfast, it is usually time to get going!

I like to be able to grab something that is quick and easy but is still healthy for me and that will fuel my body until lunch. If I am really running late I will grab a protein bar but on the days where I have five minutes to cook something I like it be warm and satisfying.

Health Warrior Mug Muffin

Health Warrior just came out with all new mug muffins that have twice the amount of protein in them as sugar. It is SO important that my on-the-go breakfast is packed with nutrition and protein for my day. As a mom, finding time to really make a full breakfast every morning is next to impossible. Health Warrior’s Mug Muffins are quick, healthy, tasty, and filling. I seriously love that I can mix some water in the cup, throw in the microwave and it’s ready in 45 seconds.

Health Warrior Mug cups are made with 12 grams of plant protein that comes from fava beans, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds and almonds. They only contain 6 grams of sugar, are gluten, soy and whey free, and have no sugar alcohols or artificial sweeteners. I love how clean they are; and I have no problem sharing them with or making them for my boys as well. I love how warm and delicious they are now that the temperatures are dropping. When I have a hearty warm meal in the morning, I feel more satiated.

I am a huge fan of the banana nut flavor and I like the blueberry as well. I love me a good blueberry muffin; but usually pass on any store bought ones, since they are filled with sugar and white flour usually. The peanut butter chocolate chip is of course Timothy’s favorite. I can see myself making that for a dessert for myself! There’s a good amount of fiber in each protein packed mug. I always tell my clients to include protein and fiber in their meals to keep their metabolisms humming.

You can order your protein mug muffins on and use code 20OFFMUGS for 20% off. I have always been a fan of Health Warrior’s products and their mission. They truly are a superfood company that believes better health will build a stronger society.


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