Health Warrior New Pumpkin Seed Bar!!!

Healthy eating has always been important to me from a young age. When I was a young girl,  I would come home from school and eat sliced red bell pepper instead of chips. My mom was great at instilling healthy eating habits with my brothers and I. She would make it fun to try new good for you foods, so I was always interested. I remember trying my first pomegranate and picking out the delicious little seeds that burst in my mouth. She also taught me about moderation; and said it’s ok to have a treat, just don’t go crazy and eat the whole bag of cookies.

When I moved to NYC to go to The Tisch School at NYU, I tried to stay as healthy as I could. When I started doing yoga, I learned even more about my body and how to listen to it’s cues. Once I discovered Pilates it changed my core in an entirely new way!

With three little boys eating healthy is not always easy. I’m human, and take a few bites of leftover mac and cheese now and then; but it’s all ok in moderation. I also try and give my boys healthy food and the twins end up picking the healthy leftovers off from my plate. They love salmon and sweet potatoes. It’s super important to be kind to ourselves and nourish ourselves, while also being mindful of what we eat in a positive way. Good food and movement are meant to be enjoyed!  

As many of you know I have talked about Health Warrior in the past. They are a fantastic superfood company that believes better health will build a stronger society. I love the mug muffins, chia bars and protein powders that they make!

Dark Chocolate Coconut Almond Pumpkin Seed Bar

Health Warrior  just launched a new Dark Chocolate Coconut Almond Pumpkin Seed Bar! The bar is delicious, nutritious, and a great pick me up when I need a snack. The new bar is packed with flavor. The mix of dark chocolate, coconut and almond has a rich satisfying flavor that is it the perfect healthy treat.

Especially this time of year with all the candy and pumpkin spice everything; it’s nice that I can snack on such a healthy satisfying treat, instead of the boy’s halloween candy. If I  have the Health Warrior dark chocolate bar with me, the halloween candy does not tempt me as much. The bar is packed with healthy fats and proteins and is 100% vegan (no honey even). The Pumpkin Seed Bars are extremely simple in ingredients and still pack a big flavor.

Pumpkin seeds are amazing for you, they contain omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, antioxidants, and fiber. Besides the seeds, the bars just contain coconut nectar, cocoa, almonds, coconut and quinoa. There are so many bars out there now that are just not good for you, they are filled with sugar and syrups. It’s always been very important to me to eat real ingredients. I try and stay clear of processed foods and prefer raw and natural as much as possible.

Some Benefits of the Pumpkin Seed Bar:

  • Magnesium-friendly foods like pumpkin seeds can enhance your mood and mental clarity
  • Magnesium helps your metabolism
  • Pumpkin seeds are an excellent source of energy-boosting iron.

I’m always so happy when I find a brand I love that continues to make high quality products for me and my family. The boys love the bars as much as I do which makes me so happy! Whenever we  have the best, wholesome, delicious, nutritious snacks on hand, we are satisfied, energized and ready to do all the things we love.


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