Healing Gemstones To Wear During Any Yoga Session

Yoga is a time when you can be yourself and create a balance in your life that helps to keep you happy, grounded and confident. While enjoying your yoga practice, did you know that you can promote self-healing through the use of a number of different gemstones? Yes, that’s right! By holding, wearing or positioning the gemstones around you, you have the potential to enhance your yoga experience greatly by inviting stronger healing powers in your body.

gemstone-bracelet If you combine two gemstones together, you’ll also create a symbiotic energy that helps to improve self-exploration and spiritual growth that makes you feel more connected with your yoga practice and yourself. So, what types of gemstones should you have in your company when conducting your yoga practice. Here’s the most popular ones and their meanings so you can get more out of your yoga session.

Gemstones That Can Help Enhance Your Yoga Session

Emerald – Wearing emerald, like genuine emerald earrings, can help with restoring the chakras in your upper and lower body. Wearing emerald can help bring a balance between chakras to help aid in better health and longevity.

Aquamarine – Wearing aquamarine bracelet sterling silver jewelry can help you to enhance your clarity for truth when worn. This gemstone when worn in the Savasana pose will help you to feel more at peace with yourself and understand yourself better and the truth that’s within you.

Rose Quartz – Rose Quartz in the form of a necklace that sits over your heart can help to promote love, healing and forgiveness. It’s said to help with opening the heart chakra and can help you to respect and forgive those around you.  

Quartz Crystal – Quartz crystal in the shape of rings can help with bringing clarity, expansion and enlightenment to the mind. Quartz crystal is able to help you become at peace in your mind and help you to think a lot clearer.

Black Onyx – Black onyx is able to help aid in protecting your energetic powers. Wearing black onyx jewelry will help you to maintain you energy levels both physical and spiritual and will also bring energy levels into balance if you find you’re lacking energy.

Hematite – Hematite can help you to become more stable and grounded in your life. Hematite can help balance out negative energy that may be keeping you from having a stable foundation in life.

Tourmaline – Tourmaline can help to relieve and release stress, anxiety and fear in oneself. Black tourmaline especially can help to ward off a negative feeling when worn. This can help you to feel more at ease when you’re having a rough day.

Blue Diamond – Wearing a blue diamond sterling silver pendant can help to create a soothing energy that can relieve stress and anxiety in the body. It’s great for helping to promote calming and should be worn near the heart for the best effect.


Gemstones when worn can provide many great benefits for anyone who is practicing yoga. By understanding what each gemstone can offer you, you have the potential to really improve your yoga experience to create a more powerful healing experience. So, are you going to wear gemstone jewelry during your next yoga session?

Caroline Kastner

Caroline is a lover of jewelry, yoga and enjoys working out. She loves to be one with her spiritual side and wants people to enjoy life to the fullest. She’s a mother and wife to a loving husband. She loves to walk or do yoga on the beach of a morning at sunrise. She is a dedicated woman who loves what she does in life.


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