Happy Mother’s Day!

Baby & Me Mother’s Day holds a whole new meaning this year for me. I can’t believe I’m about to become a mother myself! As I go through this process, I am so nostalgic about all of the times my mom has been there for me. I honestly cannot believe the sacrifices she makes and the unconditional love she gives 24/7. She is a super mom. I admire, respect, adore, cherish, and love my mom so very much.

With Mom & Dad at shower I recently had a baby shower in New York City hosted by my incredible friends, Kari and Lisa. My mom made sure to fly all the way out from Idaho to be there to support me. My dad came along too, he was the master cleaner and decorator; and he helped out tremedously. My older sister-in-law, Kara, came; and also surprised me by flying her daughter, Kathryn, in from London to be there too. I received so many amazing gifts from my friends and family; but the most special of them all, was my baby book and blankie my mom had saved all these years for me.

with baby book I’m now at home in Idaho for baby shower number two, thrown by my sister-in-laws at my younger sister-in-law’s, Julia, beautiful home in Pocatello. It was so appropriate to be held over Mother’s Day weekend. I was once again surrounded by amazing friends and family who were all so generous. I still can’t believe I’m going to soon have a little baby of my own. Everyone says there is no other bond like that of a mother and a child.

baby shower poky There are times when I just want to snuggle with my mom and talk for hours. I still need to call her at least every week, if not almost every day. It’s so funny when my little girl power struggles come up around our different ways of doing things. I get frustrated with myself afterwards and realize that my mom always wants only what’s best for me.

My First Feeding Rice Cereal I think the hardest part about growing up is finding a happy medium between separation and connection. I know it’s natural for kids to leave home and spread their own wings; but it’s also so very tough. I can only imagine how difficult it will be for me when I take my little one to his first day of school, not to mention when he goes off to college. I live on the opposite side of the country from my mom; and I get so lonely for her. She’s given me the confidence to keep pursuing all that I’m doing and she reminds me of her love and support daily from afar.

Loved being on my mom's back I’m reminded of the quote, “A mother holds her children’s hands for a moment, but their hearts forever.” I feel my little guy kicking around inside of me and I rub my tummy daily. I can’t believe I have a life growing inside of me. I want to give my child the freedom to find his own voice, the unconditional love my mother gave me, the confidence to trust himself, the kindness that every child should have and the patience to develop in to his own little person. I will hold his hand for as long as he will let me, and I will always keep him in my heart.

My Birth Happy Mother’s Day to all of you incredible mom’s out there. Happy Mother’s Day to you Mommy. Happy Mother’s Day to my second mom Deb too!

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One thought on “Happy Mother’s Day!”

  • Kristin, you write so beautifully! I can not wait to see you and your prince. I know you will be an amazing my mom. You, like all the other moms in (y)our familiy, have the biggest heart and are capable of tremendous love. You are all amazing and I wish I could’ve joined in on the celebrations.

    Miss you, and hope to see you soon!

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