Happy Father’s Day!

Tim & I baby shower Today holds a new meaning to it, my husband is soon to be a daddy! I can’t believe we are about to become parents. I’m so excited, and yet so nervous at the same time. I look back at my parents and I am shocked at just how much they did for us kids. I’m the only girl in my family sandwiched between two boys. I’m definitely a Daddy’s Girl and have always felt a special bond with my dad.

Daddy and I Seattle My dad was in medical school when I was born in Seattle. I can only imagine the grueling hours of school work and long days he had; yet he always found time to sing me to sleep at night. When he started his residency, we all moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin and my younger brother was born there. Again, even after moonlighting for 3 days straight at the hospital, he could still find the energy to take me to Indian Princesses or on a special date to McDonalds. He made each one of our birthday cakes no matter what crazy design we asked for; and I will never forget the day he took me to the pound to pick out my first dog, Lady.

Birthday Cakes My dad is so incredible. He plays the piano and sings, he tells hilarious jokes, he goes skiing off half-pipes with his young grandsons, he treats all of us to dinners, and opens his doors wide and welcomes all of us in unselfishly. Or he might say he is being selfish because he loves to have us all around. He’ll come to New York and help me decorate, move or even scrub my new apartment clean. He always has a cool new tie or socks, he is one stylish man. He’s the best person to go shopping with, he picks out the cutest outfits always. My niece was recently in town and leave it to my dad to find her the perfect little dress for her to take back to London.

Dad & I It’s really the little things he does that makes the most difference. He will still take time to proof read one of my magazine submissions, help me with my DVD covers and listen to my concerns about myself or my friends who might need some medical advice. He’s patient, kind, generous, intelligent, thoughtful, playful, energetic, entertaining, supportive and helpful. He  is always reading and learning as much as he can even at his age now. I miss the late nights we would stay up talking about something that intrigued me at school. My daddy always had the best insights and he’s taught me so much. I’m looking forward to Tim and I starting a family and I know my husband will be an incredible father as well. The old saying “Father knows best” is actually often quite true. Thank you daddy for always being my hero and for always being there for me.

Happy Father’s Day!

And Happy Father’s Day to all dad’s out there today!

Grandpa & I My mother’s father (who is now passed) was one of the most incredible father’s as well, and I will  always cherish the time I got to spend with my grandfather too.

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One thought on “Happy Father’s Day!”

  • Dear Kristen, What a stunning holiday tribute to your Father, Grandpa, and Daddy to be. I imagine the only one more excited about you almost giving birth, save for Tim, could be your Dad. Congratulations to you, Tim and the rest of your family on your first pregnancy, I’m thrilled for you all. I treasure knowing your Dad growing up, he was so good to all of us and damn interesting and handsome. The write up you’ve given him has burst through any je ne sais quoi I might have had for him and elaborated just enough to tell us great KC/Kristen story, thanks! Though my Pops was my BEST Daddy whom I had all to myself, it did take a village to raise a young lady and your dad was a refreshing musical benevolent delightful and loving force of Daddy for many of us, always. Please give him my best when you see him next time and continue to take great care! xoxox

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