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What makes you happy?! I sure know what makes me happy–fresh air, being active, eating well, dancing with my son and hearing him laugh or say “Mommie”, back rubs from my husband, being with my family, traveling, music, teaching and doing yoga, learning new things, challenging myself, meeting people….the list is endless. I’m sure you have a million things you could list as well that truly make you feel alive, inspired and genuinely happy; but how often do you write down or share your happy moments? A happy experience is quadrupled when you have someone to do it with, or hear about your moment.

Last year I had the opportunity to create and shoot a program for Happier.com, an incredible website and app that helps us all “celebrate the good around us and notice the awesome things that are already part of our life.” Not only did I have the best time working with everyone involved at Happier.com, it reminded me to take note of all of the amazing things in my life. Soon after, I started keeping a gratitude journal; and it really does affect my mood and inspires me to become a better person, stay true to myself and to BE HAPPY as much as I possibly can!

My program on Happier.com is free and you can use it to get EAT, MOVE & FEEL STRONG. It’s a super simple, 7 day course where I share my practical food advice and activity tips so you can sneak them in to your everyday and start to feel stronger physically, mentally and nutritionally. When we eat better, move stronger and feel more confident, we are naturally happier. I know I feel amazing when I can support myself and my son. Doing key strength moves and eating foods that give us energy and stamina, makes a huge difference in our well-being.

favoritespromo_mcgee02 If you really want to put a smile on your face or a friend’s face this Valentine’s Day, Happier has a limited edition Happier Favorites Box that’s AWESOME. I received mine and I was grinning from ear to ear as I unwrapped the treasures inside. From the great packaging, to the amazing curated gifts, to the happy little moment cards in the box, everything brightens and lightens anyone’s day and life. Two of my favorite things were the change purse with the beautiful message on it, and the Be Happier journal with the happy giraffe on front. I love tea, and who doesn’t love chocolate? Let me tell you Vosges is some of the very best chocolate; and chocolate is also a strong fat I recommend in my program.

Light the candle, sit back with a cup of tea and square of chocolate, write in the journal at least 5 things you’re grateful for, discover the secrets to truly flourishing in life with Dr. Seligman’s book, and use the unique sparkly orange bracelet as a book mark when you’re not wrapping it around your wrist and getting all sorts of compliments on it. Write a special note to someone in the card and mail it to them, getting mail these days that isn’t a bill always puts a smile on someone’s face. Charity work is said to make people happier and a portion of each box purchased goes to http://www.donorschoose.org/ that helps students in need with school donations.

Happier has offered two of my reader’s a chance to WIN a Happier Favorites Box! Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter or FB what makes you happy and how you put a smile your face as well as other’s around you. Next Friday I will announce two winners and their boxes will be on the way just in time for Valentine’s Day weekend!!!

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15 thoughts on “Happier Favorites Box Giveaway!”

  • It makes me happy to see a big grin on my 7 month olds face, it’s just the best! It puts a smile on my face to get a good nights sleep or eat a really delicious meal! I try to put a smile on other’s faces by sending unexpected cards in the mail!

  • What makes me happy is getting at least 5 hours of sleep in a row now that my baby started sleeping so that I can feel a bit more alert and energetic for a small but effective work out

  • Spending time with my husband and family makes me happy. Running always put me in a good mood too 🙂 I like to help brighten the day of cashiers and customer service workers by being friendly and giving compliments. They usually receive complaints, so I like to put a smile on their face when I can.

  • What makes me happy is spending time with my family and being outside. I try to do thoughtful little things for others each day to make them happy as well!

  • My 4 year old makes me happy when he wakes up and looks out his bedroom window, and announces how beautiful the sky is. I like to think that I had a little something to do with his rosey outlook 🙂

  • I’m extremely happy to be rather healthy, to have work and be able to live freely! I am grateful and happy that my loved ones are healthy 🙂

  • Practicing yoga and ballet stretches with my 6YO daughter makes me happy. We each have stretches we are better at than the others (and body parts that are stretchier), so it is fun to help stretch each other out, especially when spending time outdoors in the cold isn’t an appealing option!

  • I love using this app, and I’ll have to check out your program. It seems great.

    Right now, a big source of happiness for me is running. I went on a long run with a training buddy this past weekend. We took a new route, explored a different part of town and enjoyed some unseasonably warm weather. It’s incredibly uplifting to push yourself with someone else and just have a great time together.

    I try to put a smile on others’ faces by doing unexpected, thoughtful things for them. Like bringing someone a slushie when they’re having a bad day.

  • What makes me happy is I have a beautiful loving family. A few months ago I began yoga classes and have fallen in love with yoga. The feeling of peace that I get each time I go to a class is priceless. My family also enjoys yoga and the calmness that it brings. A healthy family is happt family. Overall, the beauty of life is what really makes me happy.

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