Handana–High Performance Fashionable Sweatbands

cheesy sweat band dude How often have you been on a run and had to lift your shirt up to wipe the sweat from your brow only to totally lose your rhythm? Or how about flowing through down dogs in a hot, sweaty yoga class and having to scramble for a towel to wipe the droplets from your eyes and neck? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a convenient way to wipe the sweat without disrupting your workout? If you’re like me, you probably don’t think of wearing sweat bands because they seem kind of 1980ish or they’re just plain cheesy styles; so what’s a gal or guy to do?

Handana (07) Handana to the rescue! I was recently sent a Handana from the founder, Katie Niemeyer. Wow, what a story she has to tell. She was severely burned from an autoimmune reaction which left her skin and eyes extremely sensitive. If sweat got in to her eyes when she ran, it was so painful that she felt she might have to quit. With her first marathon in sight, instead of giving up, she got creative and designed Handana. Handana is a high performance fashionable sweatband that wraps around your hand, so you can use both sides of your hand to wipe the sweat from your neck or forehead, while keeping your hand free.

Handana (25) Handana has only been on the market for 10 months and is already selling in 7 stores between, Texas, Georgia, Florida, Missouri and Canada. It is also available for purchase at www.myhandana.com and on Amazon. Handana’s are only $15.99 and come in about a dozen colors and 5 sizes. Handana is made of Supplex Lycra, a polyester that wicks away the moisture and dries quicker than cotton. Katie created it while running, but it is definitely useful for all athletes from yogi’s to cyclist to Zumba fans, Cross Fit devotees, tennis players, golfers and gym goers. There’s also a kids line because kids like to wear them just because, not even for wiping sweat!

Katie I love Katie’s attitude, she is such an inspiration to me. She says, “Handana does more than protect my eyes: It has become a powerful reminder to cross my finish lines, to persevere. And I hope that is what others take away from my story and from this product, that it becomes a symbol and an inspiration for all of us to cross our finish lines, no matter what they are in our lives, and empower others to do the same.”

My handana Here’s a discount code “HandanaFriends 2013” for a 10% discount at www.myhandana.com.

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