Guest Post–Great Nutrition Tips for Pregnancy by Anita Mirchandani

Guest Post–Great Nutrition Tips for Pregnancy by Anita Mirchandani

Kristin4Months-363 I’d like to start off by saying Congrats to Kristin McGee and her husband for their bundle of joy to come!

As a dietitian, I thought it would be appropriate to provide an overview of nutritional care during pregnancy. Here are some facts that you may or may not have heard but if you are planning to get pregnant, why not read up?

* Since the suggested weight gain for those with normal body mass index (BMI) is ~25-35 lbs, you only really need to eat ‘extra calories’ during the second and third trimester. During the second trimester, there is a suggested increase of ~340-360 calories per day and during the third ~452-472 calories per day.

* Suggested snacks include: medium apple, 1 piece of string cheese + 4-5 melba toast, 2 tbsp nut butter + celery sticks, 1 medium yogurt + ½ cup of granola, ½-1 cup guacamole + 10-15 tortilla chips, 8-12oz chocolate milk

* Additional protein is required during the second half of pregnancy. ~71g/day is suggested.

* Additional protein sources include: increasing your meat consumption to 7 servings (~7 oz; 7grams per 1 oz; palm portion ~3oz); 1 6oz of greek yogurt, nut butter 1-2 tbsp, milk ~2 cups; vegetable protein such as legumes

* Hey Coffee lovers! Caffeine is recommended in moderation – less than ~2 cups per day.

* If you do exercise, it would be best to consume the caffeine post workout and try for a decaffeinated cup if you need one in the early afternoon.

* You don’t need to increase your sodium intake during the pregnancy.

* Sorry if I just burst your bubble on wanting an extra slice of pizza, or a greasy hamburger + fries! Cravings are one thing, but your body doesn’t ‘NEED’ it persay.

* Omega-3 supplementation is suggested as a supplement. Both fish oil supplements, containing both EPA and DHA, and algae-derived DHA-only oils are good, mercury-safe means of supplementing the diet of a pregnant woman. *Check out Nordic Naturals lemon or strawberry flavored or Barleans Omega Swirls.

* If you do exercise, it would be good to refresh yourself with the American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists guidelines for exercise during pregnancy.

* Key Takeaways: Stay thoroughly hydrated, Avoid exercises on your back after the first trimester, compensate adequately with additional calories, contact sports are not recommended, walking/swimming/cycling all seem to be good exercises to perform. If you’re in NYC or LA, use FitMapped to find fitness options convenient to you!

Anita Bio: Anita Mirchandani, M.S, R.D, C.D.N received a B.A. from NYU and a M.S. in Clinical Nutrition from NYU. After finishing her studies and completing a dietetic internship at New York-Presbyterian hospital in 2011, Anita is now a practicing Registered Dietitian. Recently, Anita co-founded FitMapped, a GPS for fitness concept to help users find fitness easily. When she isn’t evaluating pitfalls of the latest diet fad, she is putting together the ultimate workout playlist.

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