Guest Blog: Yoga for Skin Health by Louise Thomas-Minns

Yoga for Skin Health

This article was authored by Louise Thomas-Minns, CIBTAC CIDESCO BABTAC Cert Ed, skin therapist with over 18 years of experience.

Why do you do yoga? Is it to improve your flexibility, sculpt strong muscles, lower stress levels or achieve smooth, radiant, glowing, healthy skin?

Yes, yoga is something that I add to my clients homecare plan since my philosophy when treating the skin is not just about what’s happening on the surface of the skin but about the whole person. I was blessed to be introduced to yoga some 8 years ago by Kristin & was hooked not only on the challenge of it but also on the radiance it brought to my skin.

In this, my first blog for Kristin’s site, I’m going to walk you through, or rather downward dog you through, to improved skin health & give you some tips you can use off your yoga mat too.

* And breathe… The restorative action yogic breathing encourages us to actually take the time to breathe fully & properly. We all tend to hold ‘tension’ in our diaphragm due to low level stress & this impairs the flow of oxygen not just to our vital organs but also to the skin our largest and very visible organ.

* Sweat it out… Yoga has the potential (especially if you work with Kristin) to help you get your sweat on! This is great news for the skin since it eliminates stubborn toxins meaning a clearer skin. The heat created in the body & skin feeds the skin with oxygen & vital nutrients.

* Let it go… The release of stress and the calming effect that yoga has on our over-worked adrenal glands means a more controlled release of adrenaline, cortisol & ultimately testosterone. The above hormones, when in high demand at times of stress lead to spotty outbreaks & sallow tired skin.

* Off the mat… I love to blend 2-3 drops of tea tree or eucalyptus oil with some water & carry it in a little spray bottle in my mat bag. Spray your mat before & after to cleanse, disinfect & protect your skin from infection.

If you’re practicing at-home or just feel confident with your Yogi friends, then do what I do & apply a hydrating mask to your skin before class. The heat you’ll create whilst you’re working out will aid the absorption of the ingredients & you can just shower it off after. Kind of a ‘Yogic’ facial.

Take Yoga with you everywhere you go. I’m trying to work on relaxing my face, neck and shoulder muscles during the day & take ‘breathing naps’, 1-2 minutes x 3 daily to just breathe fully & ‘sigh’ it out.

Louise Thomas-Minns

About Louise Thomas-Minns

Louise Thomas-Minns’ passion and empathy for skin health stems from her diverse 20 year career in the beauty industry and from her own Acne battles. Two facts that surprise many on looking at her young skin. Fondly given the title of ‘The Skin Guru’ by many of her clients, she is responsible for developing her own signature facial ‘U and Your Skin’. Developed after a decade of research her facial philosophy combines a three dimensional approach to nurture and maintain skin health. Louise is asked to write regularly as a skin expert by many exclusive magazines and national institutions. She currently resides in the UK and works from her skin lounges in Norwich and London.

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