Guest Blog: Yoga Breathing Exercises To A Whole New You by Tim Chesbro

Yoga Breathing Exercises To A Whole New You!

This article was authored by a freelancer who loves to write about Diet & Yoga, Tim Chesbro.

For some of us, jogging or running can be embarrassing – people hearing you come from a mile away as you pant and wheeze your way around the track. What’s worse is that every now and then you catch a terrified backward glance from a fellow jogger who mistakes your labored breathing for the snorting of a bull! Some people just have weak lungs, while others may have breathing problems…in my case, it could have something to do with a decade long love affair with a daily pack of cigarettes. Whatever the cause, yoga breathing exercises can literally breathe new life into you!

Pranayama (breathing exercises in yoga terms) seems so simple that you could be forgiven for doubting its effectiveness. My favorite has to be Bhramari – this is a really simple exercise at the beginner level, so just about anybody can do it. You have to sit on your mat – make sure that you are completely comfortable and relaxed, even a small pebble under your mat can go a long way in ruining your focus. Press the balls of your thumbs against your ears and raise your arms so that your elbows are parallel to the ground. Cover your eyes with your middle fingers and apply slight pressure while your other fingers can rest gently alongside. At this point, you have shut the world out as you retreat into yourself – I prefer to think of myself floating in a bubble but you can choose any mental image that you find soothing. Inhale deeply and then exhale slowly through your nose while making a humming sound. The sound should resonate where you can actually feel the vibrations within your head. This is a very calming exercise and is perfect after a hectic workday.

The Kapālabhāti Pranayama (or Cleansing Breath) is aptly named as it helps to clear blocked nasal passages. Sit comfortably on your mat and then exhale slowly and completely. Inhale deeply using your diaphragm and not your chest and then exhale suddenly through your nose with force as if you are sneezing. If you are doing this correctly, you will feel the muscles of your abdomen tighten. Repeat this at least 10 times to charge up your respiratory system! I prefer to include this in my morning sessions but you can include it in evening sessions to help you sleep better.

The last exercise on my list of favorites is called the Sitali and it is the simplest (and also the silliest looking) of all these breathing exercises. Sit on the floor with your legs comfortably crossed over each other. Curl the edges of your tongue so that it forms a little tube – like when you were a kid sticking your tongue out at your friend! Breathe in and exhale through this tube. The moist air and slow inhalation is very soothing to your respiratory system. You know that you are doing it correctly when you hear a soft hissing sound. Do not do this exercise around a toddler – unless you want to have to explain why you are allowed to stick your tongue out but he is not!

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Tim Chesbro is a freelancer and loves to write about Diet & Yoga. He has a very deep interest to explore natural solutions for various diseases.

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