Guest Blog: Tips to Get You Back Into Fitness by Isabelle Riley

Tips to Get You Back Into Fitness

This article was authored by copywriter, Isabelle Riley.

Exercise is a hard habit to get into, perhaps you just don’t enjoy working out, or maybe you feel you are too busy to fit it into your schedule; it’s difficult to change up your schedule when you are so used to organising your days in a certain way. While it may take a while for you to become fitness crazed, there are a few ways that you can motivate yourself to at least start introducing exercise into your life in a more meaningful way. We have put together a few tips to help you out, easing you into a healthier lifestyle, fighting off disease, where you will instantly start noticing the difference.

1. Incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Setting aside a certain time each day for exercise can feel near impossible sometimes, that’s why incorporating exercise into your regular activities is such a great idea. For example, if you find that you spend a lot of time doing household work, doing it at a good pace and putting some strength into it is actually a great way to burn calories. Consider riding to work instead of riding, most people actually work in a totally reasonable riding distance from their house. Or if you get public transport to work, get off a stop early and walk an extra couple of minutes.

2. Start slow. Don’t jump straight into a strenuous exercise activity, your body won’t be ready for it and you will ache afterwards, putting you off any more exercise. The best way is to start by doing an activity that you enjoy, perhaps just going for a walk or walking the dog; instead of taking a leisurely stroll, amp it up into a power walk and work up to a run. If you feel you need that extra push, consider hiring a personal trainer, like those at Crunch Personal Training.

3. Be consistent but keep it interesting. Make sure you are incorporating exercise regularly but don’t stick to the same activity each day or week. Many gyms or classes of a free or discounted trial class, try and get to a new exercise class each week to experiment with what kind of exercise suits you and to also keep it interesting. Try a dance class one week, yoga the next. There are so many different ways of getting active, you don’t need to limit yourself to one. Try and keep the time of day consistent when deciding to exercise, if you keep changing the time it may be hard to maintain a schedule. Before or after work are common times to fit in a little exercise, straight after work and before dinner means you get it out of the way before you get too lazy to talk yourself out of it.

Isabelle Riley

About Isabelle Riley

Isabelle Riley is a copywriter working for Crunch Personal Training, a company of personal trainers that treat everybody differently. We follow one rule – one trainer, one client, one goal. We believe you are our only focus – we are dedicated and passionate about getting to know you and your goals and help you challenge yourself to achieve them in a safe and professional environment. When Isabelle is not writing content she enjoys cooking, swimming and bonding with the kids.

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