Guest Blog: Spring Cleaning for Your Health

Can you feel that?  Flashes of spring. We set the clocks ahead this weekend, the sun is shining brighter, and you can see the ground. Spring is almost here!

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The transition to spring is the perfect time to not only clean your closet but to peek into the corners of your health and wellness and dust off the winter cobwebs. Here are my five tips for a health and wellness spring cleaning.

Get moving

Chances are you weren’t as active as you’d like to be during the winter months. It was dark when you got up for work and dark when you got home so the couch and your sweats were probably calling your name. Even if you were active this winter, spring is a chance to shake things up a bit. Take long walks outside to enjoy the warmth of the sun and fresh air. Reinvigorate your fitness routine with the goal of some kind of movement everyday. Maybe commit to trying a new class (like SoulCycle, Pure Barre, or hot yoga) each month.

Dry brushing

How’s your skin feeling after the longest winter ever? I’m a huge fan of dry brushing and the spring is the perfect time to start. Dry brushing is exactly what you think it is: brushing your dry skin. You use a natural bristle brush with a long handle and brush your skin (starting at your feet) using long sweeping motions toward your heart. You want to overlap your strokes and work up to your head. Dry brushing is an ideal way to remove the dead and dry skin cells left from winter and unclog your pores. I’ve even read that regular dry brushing can help with cellulite by breaking down the trapped toxins and allowing your body to eliminate them. It stimulates the lymphatic system which helps you detoxify.

Eat more raw foods

If you’re anything like me, you couldn’t handle being within 20 miles of a cold salad since November. This winter has been all about roasted root vegetables, soups, hot teas, and warming spices like ginger and cayenne. The mere mention of a salad or green juice got me shivering. I’m finally ready to add raw foods back into the rotation. Raw foods are an important part of the wellness way. Raw foods are overflowing with important nutrients and enzymes that our bodies need. Start adding something raw to each meal. I throw in obscene amounts of raw spinach in my morning smoothie, top my scrambled eggs with sprouts (one of the best foods out there!), and have a salad with my dinner.

Clear your mind

Everyday is an opportunity to start fresh, to let go of the shoulds and choose to see things differently. The end of winter and awakening of spring is the perfect moment to shed your limiting beliefs, fear, and stress and begin anew. Use this free-writing exercise to clear out the junk and focus on what matters:

  • Set a timer for 10 minutes and write down everything going on it your head.  Your “to-do” items, stresses, shoulds, fears…get it all out on paper.
  • Don’t stop to edit yourself. Just keep writing until the timer goes off.
  • Once the 10 minutes are up, turn to a fresh page and write down how you want to feel and 3 things you can do to support each feeling. For example, I want to feel energized. I will nourish my body with whole foods. I will move everyday. I will get 8 hours of sleep every night.

Our minds can get clogged with the noise and taking 10 minutes to clear your mind allows you to silence the chaos. You can use this technique whenever you are feeling overwhelmed, stuck, and uninspired.

Brighten up your space

Our space can have a huge impact on how we feel. Are you feeling stressed? Take a look around your space. Is it cluttered? Use this time to declutter and jazz up your space. My nightstand had become a dumping ground for my ever-growing pile of books I want to read, ticket stubs, meditation materials like essential oils and turbans, and notebooks. It definitely didn’t make me feel calm as I was waking up or settling in for the night. I removed everything and started fresh. I added an inspirational print and stacked a few of my favorite books. Now I feel calm and inspired when I look at my nightstand. Pick one room or even one area of a room to focus on. What can you discard? Can you add some personal touches to create a warm and inviting environment? Our environment is an important part of our overall health and wellness.

How are you going to focus on your health and wellness this spring?

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