Guest Blog: Necessities for Hiking by Quinn McAdams

Necessities for Hiking

This article was authored by self-proclaimed healthy living enthusiast, Quinn McAdams.

Staying fit requires regular workouts and a dedication to increasing your strength and endurance. However, sometimes doing the same old exercise routine can become stale. You can re-motivate yourself by taking on a new kind of physical challenge such as hiking. Hiking allows you to get out in the crisp, autumn air with friends or family and enjoy the sights of nature! Here are some necessities I’ve found that make for a great hike…

Hiking Boots

Good, well-fitting boots are your most important hiking item. You can choose from a variety of style for different types of trail conditions. Take the time to ensure that the fit is comfortable for you. Make sure there is plenty of room in the toe section and ensure that you can lace them up securely. Break in your hiking boots before a serious hike.


Remember that you will be carrying a number of items in the pack, so take this into consideration when judging the feel on your body. The backpack should have padded straps for comfort and a number of pockets for small items so that you don’t have to fish around in the larger compartment. The zipper should work smoothly and easily. The best backpacks are waterproof, which allows you to keep an extra jacket or sweater in it even if you get caught in a downpour.

Personal Tip: My husband and I are avid hikers. For our first anniversary, he gave me a picnic backpack that is light enough for me to carry. It also stores all of our food for the hike, keeping it insulated and cool. It’s one of the most creative gifts he’s given me to this day!

Water Bottle With Filter

Pack sufficient water to last throughout the trip. You will require more water on hot, sunny days than on cooler, overcast days.  Though many trails offer a water supply along the way, these water stations are not always functioning. Always be prepared to provide your own water.

Snacks for the Trail

Keeping your strength up on the trail is an important consideration if you plan to do a strenuous hike. Trail mix, salty snacks, fruit and jerky are easy to carry and will provide the energy you need for your hike.

Compass and Trail Map

Even the most experienced hikers get lost from time to time. Always research your hiking trail in advance of the hike to ensure that you know where you are going and how to get back. A trail map is available for most hiking areas. Carrying a compass can also help you find your way back if you wander onto a side trail. 

Insect Spray

The deep woods are the perfect breeding ground for many species of insects. Mosquitoes, ticks, deer flies and a host of other insects can make your hike less enjoyable. Bring an insect repellent and spray your clothing periodically to keep these bugs away.

First Aid Kit

A first-aid kit will help you to deal with minor injuries on the trail. Bring a few Band-Aids, some antibiotic ointment, and tweezers to remove splinters and aspirin or ibuprofen for headaches or sprains. A small insect bite relief stick will help to relieve stings or bites.

Get a group together to enjoy a long hike in the woods this weekend. You can increase your muscle strength, improve lung capacity and increase blood flow throughout the body while enjoying the flora and fauna in your local wooded areas!

Quinn McAdam

About Quinn McAdams

Quinn McAdams is a self-proclaimed healthy living enthusiast. She enjoys playing soccer, volleyball, running and hiking. However, she is always on the lookout for the next workout she can try. Healthy eating is extremely important to her and she truly believes in the “Do Good, Feel Good” philosophy.

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  • My wife and I decided that we would like to start living healthier but with more than just your regular exercise. We want to do adventurous things so that exercising is fun. Ofcourse, we do not know anything about hiking and it is not just a matter of picking a spot, packing your bag and heading into the woods. There are so many things that you need to remember, but we would definitely like to try it. Now, my question is this, is it worth it to be adventurous rather than fit because of regular exercise? I just do not see the fun in normal exercising and that really demotivates me. Do you have any advice for our family?

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