Guest Blog: How to Create a Yoga Space in Your Bedroom

Ever daydreamed about your own personal yoga space—rustic hardwood floors and an ocean/lake/mountain/cityscape view, surrounded by dimly lit candles and gorgeous yogic decor, while natural light spills through the windows? Then you looked around at your worn, stained carpet, tiny window, and bed that takes up most of your bedroom, and saw all your yoga dreams come crashing down.

Fear not, for there are many like you—the people who love to practice or are just getting started and want nothing more than a simple five feet of open space to do their yoga in peace. Having a home practice in any capacity expresses your commitment to a life well-lived—and yoga, being the soothing and relaxing practice that it is, deserves a space that reflects those things, too. So for all the yogis out there whose bedroom is less than, don’t lose hope!

We at Modernize  believe our homes are our sanctuary—and we’re passionate about helping everyone feel that way, too. Now take a deep breath in….and then out….you got this.


Make Some Room

The number one priority of your yoga space is exactly that—space. As you take a look around, notice the spots where you have enough width, length, and height to practice yoga without breaking a lamp or a bone. Be sure that the ceiling is high enough to stretch your arms straight up and that you have wall space if you like to practice inversions or use the wall as a prop. Also ensure that when you are lying on your back on your mat, you will have enough space to stretch your arms and your legs out. Slamming your hand against the dresser time and time again is not very conducive to relaxing. This might mean rearranging a few things and taking the new space you created for a test run once or twice. Roll out your mat and give it a go. If that doesn’t work, try something else!

Minimalize Your Space

Once you’ve established your space, move on to cleaning and decluttering. A messy room also becomes and messy yoga space. Having to constantly push things out of the way while you’re practicing yoga quickly takes you out of the present moment and brings your focus somewhere else. So before you start to use this wonderful new space that you’ve created, take some time to organize and clean up. It will make your practice that much more enjoyable and hopefully instill some brand-new helpful habits for yourself in your everyday life. It is also helpful to add some storage area for your yoga mat and props. Keep them nearby so that when you’re ready to practice, you can simply slide the basket or container out and when you are finished easily replace them and move them out of the way.


Beautify Your Surroundings

Yoga can be a beautiful and elegant practice, so why not decorate your yoga space the same way? The ambience and energy of a place is especially important in yoga. There’s a reason it’s hard to practice in a dingy and dark basement but is easily enjoyed in a room full of natural light and beautiful décor. So do your best to decorate your yoga space in a way that is beautiful and comfortable for you—whether it’s with candles, a small statue, or just your mat, make it somewhere you’re always happy to be. And of course, don’t forget the “Do Not Disturb the Yogi” sign. Namaste.

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