Guest Blog: 4 Tips for New Yogis

Guest Blog: 4 Tips for New Yogis

We all know that yoga is great for your body and mind, improving flexibility, balance, muscle strength, energy, and mental health.  But for someone who’s never done yoga before, it can all be a bit intimidating. You might not know what to bring and you probably don’t know the moves (we don’t blame you if downward dog sounds more like a command for your canine than a yoga pose).

4 Tips for New Yogis Today we’re answering some common questions from new yogis to help you understand what you should know before going into your first yoga class!

  1. Is Yoga Expensive?

Probably not! Check out your local yoga studio and ask if they have any discounts for new members. Many studios have special introductory deals, and nearly all studios will at least have a few free demo classes you can try out. If you can’t afford a traditional membership, there’s a plethora of websites where you can access free online video yoga classes. Many community centers often have low-cost yoga classes as well, so keep an eye out for those!

  1. What Gear Do I Need?

To get outfitted with the right yoga gear, you don’t need much. You’ll want to wear breathable clothing that can stretch, such as shorts, sweat pants, or leggings. Men can wear a t-shirt, but women should have a tighter fitting top so it doesn’t flip over your head when you’re doing an upside-down pose. No shoes required – yoga is done barefoot. You also don’t usually need a yoga mat to start – most yoga studios rent mats or have them for free – but you can bring your own if you prefer.

  1. What If I Have A Bad Knee/Ankle etc.?

You can do yoga even with an injury – just make sure to let your teacher know that you have an injury you’re concerned about. They can provide alternative poses for you to let you safely practice without furthering your injury. Just make sure to stay aware of your body and not push it too hard. Many new yogis also worry about flexibility – you can practice yoga regardless of flexibility, and certainly don’t need to be flexible to start. Yoga is a practice used to improve flexibility, so of course you no one expects you to be a pro right off the bat!

  1. What Happens If I Can’t Do A Pose?

If you can’t follow a pose or if it causes pain, stop doing it. The default resting pose in yoga is called the “Child’s Pose” and you are encouraged to go back to that pose anytime you can’t do a more involved pose. Once you’re relaxed you can try the next pose that comes up. So new yogis – try out a beginner’s yoga class! You’ll be really glad you did. It won’t be long before you’ll feel better both physically and mentally. And we promise, it’s not as intimidating as it looks!

Do you have any other tips for those new to yoga? Share your advice in the comments!

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