Glam Tennis and how to get arms like Serena’s!

Glam Tennis and how to get arms like Serena’s!

As a part of the Glam Network, I had an incredible opportunity this past weekend to go to the US OPEN women’s tennis finals. American Express, a big amazing sponsor, of the US Open was treating myself and some of my other Glam blogger colleagues to box seats and an incredible Amex Tennis experience.

I love to play tennis! It is one of the few sports I truly enjoy watching, as well. I grew up playing tennis in Idaho with my entire family. We often entered the tennis competitions in our city; and when I wasn’t playing, I was aside the court eagerly cheering on one of my family members.

My excitement and anticipation for the women’s finals was growing all week long. My husband and I went to the US Open the weekend of my birthday the first weekend of the tournament. We saw some great men’s tennis, Hewitt vs. Ferrer and Roddick vs. Fognini; but we weren’t able to catch any women playing.

I met Serena Williams once briefly when we were both at HSN, I was there as the Pilates Power Gym host, and she was selling her clothing line. I kept hoping she would make it to the finals and I could see her play; and from box seats no less!

Then last Friday night, I saw a weather forecasting rain for Saturday–oh no! I did my “rain, rain go away” dance and prayed the match wouldn’t get rained out. Sure enough when Saturday came, there was too much rain and the women’s finals was delayed until Sunday.

Amex and Glam were incredible in making sure we could be there Sunday; but I was emceeing the Wanderlust Yoga Festival in NYC that day and couldn’t make both events.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous on Sunday. I had a blast at Wanderlust as the master of ceremonies; and giving out my new DVD, “S3, Strong, Sexy, Svelte”, as well as demoing moves from it in the Health Pavilion.

In honor of Wanderlust and National Yoga Month, my new DVD and Serena’s 4th US Open title (I was there in spirit at least!) here are 3 moves you can do to sculpt strong, sexy and svelte arms like a tennis player. You will also develop concentration, core control, focus, courage and confidence!





Strong YOGATONE move: Eagle Pose with a chest flye–works your chest, triceps, shoulders (rear deltoids esp.) and helps you find upper core support for a strong serve and swing.









Sexy PILATES core move: Incline Plank with triceps push-ups–works the triceps, shoulders (esp. rear deltoids), back, waist and core–perfect for a sexy backhand and volley.











Svelte YOGA move: Full Wheel–works biceps, triceps, shoulders and stretches open the upper body to help with overhead shots.

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