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Yoga has given me so much and my worldview has shifted in a dramatic way via this practice. My practice started in 1996.  I remember my early teaching days and I was so grateful for partners like MTV who paved the way  yoga is embraced today.  Yoga today has taken on so many forms of expression.  For me, the practice I share is rooted in my experiences. I’ve had many experiences over the years and you can see how these shape how I show up in my practice.

The Practice Always Takes Me Home

Inevitably, this practice always takes me home.  To my childhood home in Idaho to a home practice with my three boys and always back to myself and what I hold most dear.  My family and boys are truly at the center of this.  I work to teach them the values instilled in me via this practice- compassion, gratitude, and freedom of self.  These are the same disciplines and values that are taught by Bent On Learning, a non-profit that brings this practice to kids in schools (donate here). I’ve been a long-time supporter of BOL and can attest to the incredible impact they make in the lives of children.  I truly believe that if yoga was taught in every school, it would change the world.  It has certainly changed mine. And the world today needs more compassion and love.


Recently, I learned about a new app called Givz and I’m super excited to share this game changer.   I’m so busy managing all my commitments and my time is scarce.  Givz understands this and has come up with a way to give to any charity in the US in seconds.  Givz also organizes my tax receipts from one place and doesn’t take a fee so 100% goes to charity.
This Giving Tuesday,  please support Bent On Learning and let me know what other charities are near and dear to your heart (you can give to them via Givz too!).  For every sign-up, Givz will give you & me $1.  I will also send a personal thank you to every person that signs up. My goal is to have 1,000 of my amazing supporters donate.  Help me meet and surpass this goal and show the power of community.  Forever grateful.
Sign Up On Site:
App Link:Referral code: kristinm

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