Gifts for Your Active Female Friends and Family Members!

Here are some great gift ideas for those gals in your life who love to workout, eat the healthiest foods, and look super stylish:

DVDS!–They are inexpensive and it’s always fun to whip one out and do an at home workout. If you friend or family member is more tech savvy, get her some downloads or a workout APP. All of my DVDS and Downloads are 25% off until the New Year when you use code GIFT at checkout.

Clothing–Who doesn’t love a new workout outfit?! I am a proud yoga ambassador for C9 at Target and you cannot go wrong with any of their clothing. C9 is affordable, comfortable, and cute! Get your mom, sister or friend a few pieces you can easily splurge on a whole wardrobe when everything is under $50. Carbon 38 is an upscale workout website where you can shop higher end brands if you want to add one statement piece to your wardrobe or spend extra $ on someone super special to you. Use Code KMcGee50 for $50 off any purchase on Carbon 38.

Hula Hoop–It’s a proven way to tone inches from the waist and it’s a ton of fun! The fxp fitness weighted hula hoop comes with a DVD and it can be taken apart for easy storage. I haven’t hula hooped since I was a little girl and when I started doing it again, I had a blast!

G train bands–Therabands are always an awesome idea for your workout friends. I like this new G train system I was introduced to, since the bands can connect to the arms and legs and make for one amazing workout. The developer is one go getter and has great energy. He also has a vest system that can be used with or without the bands to aid in proper form, better core function and an overall stellar workout.

Lark & Leaf Tea–I am in LOVE with this tea, it’s so super healthy and delicious. The box in and of itself is a beautiful gift and this tea infused with microgreens is a gift that keeps on giving. The delicate, earthy flavor is wonderful this time of year.

WellPath Vitamin Subscription–This is so cool. You can enter in your info and get personalized vitamins and shake mixes designed especially for you. Get a gift subscription for your girl friend, mom or sis and she will be rewarded all year long! Use my code AmKMcGee for 20% your first order! 

Elvie–Your Most Personal Trainer! This may seem like an intimate gift; but it’s a seriously good one for postnatal moms or any woman interested in gaining strength again in her pelvic floor region. The elvie helps with better core stability, control and sex. The device comes with an app to help you track your “workouts” and make sure you’re performing kegels correctly and effectively. If interested email me personally for a special discount code!

Fluidity Barre–If you have a very special someone (or want this added to your list) the Fluidity Barre is an awesome gift. With Barre workouts being all the craze these days, you can bring the barre in to your home and tone an amazing backside. What I like about the fluidity method is it’s emphasis on neutral alignment and all of the back body work.

Pilates Power Gym–And of course I have to mention my FAVORITE mini Pilates reformer. I am the host on HSN for the Pilates Power Gym and I have to say I truly LOVE this piece of equipment. I’ve had mine since 2007 and I still get on it regularly and get a great workout in. It’s user friendly, fun and super effective for toning and sculpting the core, arms, glutes and legs. SOOO worth the $!

Books–And if you’re not looking to spend a fortune, books are always a great idea. I love inspirational books like The Complete Guide to Yoga Inversions (one I’m using to nail more cool poses in the New Year), or Restorative Yoga Therapy  or Restoring Flexibility (for your mom or someone who wants a more mellow workout) or an awesome educational cook book such as The World’s Healthiest Foods which has everything you need from A to Z healthy foods and how to cook them. Or you may want to get a lighthearted book for your mom friends (laughing is a great workout!) like The Motherland of Sam by Sam Mavis, or The Art of Parenting by my friend Jennifer White.

I hope some of these gifts have inspired you. Please let me in on your top favorite gifts for the special gals in your life. Happy Holidays!!!


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