Gifts for the Active Men in Your Life

Weighted vest– What is more manly than lifting heavier? The nice thing about weighted vests is that the weight is adjustable (so you can sneak in a wear or two yourself). These vests can be worn at the gym for a super warrior workout, or around the house during chores for the busy guy who wants to kill two birds with one stone. Who know’s if you pitch it that way maybe your home will be spotless for the new year?!

Weighted Jump Rope– This is a perfect gift for your guy because it can be used at home or the gym. Jumping rope is portable, easy to do and it burns massive calories in minimal time. Most men these days don’t have a ton of time to workout. Jumping rope for just 10-15 minutes a day is an ideal exercise and super fun. The cross rope system is super cool because you can interchange the ropes.

Turkish bathhouse– A gift certificate to the day spa just sounds a wee bit too feminine for the man kings. However many large cities have Turkish or Russian bathhouses with saunas, steam rooms and ice baths. Help him soothe his aching muscles and tension with this masculine sounding alternative. He can even sneak in a massage or have someone beat him with an oak branch. (Called Platza: an ancient ritual to detox, exfoliate and relax) Steam baths also help to stimulate protein circulation, what easier sell is there? Plus I’m sure he wouldn’t mind if you invited yourself…

Performance sheets and pillows– Sweaty sleepers rejoice! There are now sheets and pillows designed for the active men in your life. Quality sleep is just as important for muscle growth and recovery. With pillow ID for all types of sleepers and body types, plus sheets inspired by activewear; this unique and useful gift is great for all, including your bachelor brother. Check out bedgear for some awesome choices.

C9 By Champion-This stuff is the best workout gear out there and it’s SO affordable. My dad loves the golf pants and shirts, my brother’s love the tees and my hubby lives in his shorts. You seriously won’t go wrong with some C9 gear for the man in your life. The price point is easy on the wallet too! You can get multiple items for under $100 easily. Just be careful at Target you could easily end up with ALOT more in your shopping cart!

An after-holiday staycation to practice your uh… Cardio… The holidays can be stressful for everyone.  The successful man has everything, so why not treat him to a day away? An experience together is often the best and most memorable gift. Even in the same city, it’s super fun to book a swanky hotel, get a sitter (if you have kids) and order in room service for breakfast in bed!

maduka mat Theme your gifts- Not every gift needs to be the latest, greatest, most expensive gear out there. A few thoughtful small items are awesome gifts and it helps make shopping easier. Choose a theme like yoga, and give him this studly MANduka mat & masculine looking carrying bag plus a gift certificate to your local yoga studio. Or make winter feet your theme and write a little coupon for a foot massage, stuff a pair of these sneaker balls in his stocking, and wrap up these nifty yaktrax for running in the snow. Complete the package with these handy boot driers for his post run sneakers.

Destress Device– If you’re having a hard time convincing your guy to lace up his sneakers, get on a yoga mat or meditate to reduce stress; there’s a crazy new device out there for your techy man. Thync uses neuroscience to provide a clean way to manage your energy, stress and sleep. You wear the little device for fifteen minutes or so a day and sync it with a free app on your phone to get the results you want. For instance there’s a energizing modes and relaxing modes. Developed by top researchers in Boston and tech guys in Silicon valley, who knows it might be a great way to help your man unwind or perk up without any other substances.

Gift buying doesn’t have to be complicated. Hopefully this gift guide helped inspire you to think outside the box. What are some of your favorite guy gifts this season?

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