Gift Guide for Men 2020

There are so many amazing men in our lives and they deserve awesome gifts this holiday season. Treat the men you love to products they don’t know they need. I have two brothers, three nephews, my husband, and my father to buy for.  It can be tricky to think of cool things for the dudes. I hope some of these gift ideas help!

Raum Goods

These shoes are so incredibly cool! They’re more than just stylish footwear. Each pair has a copper rivet that is hand-hammered through the bottom of the shoe, placed so it hits a pressure point in the foot. This allows the wearer to fully connect to the earth. This combined with the natural sheepskin lining, 100% cotton waxed stitching, and vegetable-dyed, ethically-sourced water buffalo leather, make these shoes the perfect gift for any of the zen-men in your life. Plus, they come in so many different colors, there’s a pair for everyone.

Ballsy Jolly Jewels Sack Pack

Check out this gift for the jokesters in your life. These products are almost too funny to say out loud, but they work great. This nifty little kit comes with three products and a scratch card with a chance of winning a $1000 vacation and other prizes. There are five different scents to choose from – I really like the “Ocean and Air” scent because it smells fresh and clean. Ballsy products are great for his everyday “downstairs” skin health.

Cuzen Matcha Starter Kit

Perfect for all your matcha-loving men. Grabbing matcha from a coffee shop every morning can get expensive, but this kit has everything you need to make it at home. The matcha maker comes with one premium and two signature matcha leaves – grown organically in Japan – which is enough for up to 20 cups of delicious matcha per leaf packet. Cuzen is great because it’s designed to ground the leaves in a way that mimics the traditional method. It makes amazing matcha and is easy to use – sounds like a win-win to me.

Knot Standard Outerwear

Knot Standard’s outerwear is the ideal gift for the most stylish men in your life. When you select a jacket you have to put in the recipient’s measurements before you can make a purchase. This ensures that their new jacket is going to fit them perfectly. There’s nothing better than clothes that are made and tailored specifically for you. Knot Standard products are super high quality, they look and feel great – the perfect gift!

Crossrope Get Fit Bundle

Grab this kit for fitness lovers. Jumping rope is a great way to get moving, your whole body gets involved as you jump and swing the rope. This kit comes with four different ropes weighted from a quarter pound to two pounds, and fast clip handles for switching out in between sets. Crossrope also offers a mat to jump on to help deaden the noise from at-home workouts – perfect for this year. 

Any of these options would make fantastic gifts for all the fathers, uncles, brothers, and male friends in your life. I hope this list alleviates some of your holiday shopping stress this year!


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