Gift Guide for Kids 2020

Is there anything better than watching kids light up with the magic of the holiday season? From writing their letters to Santa to watching them rip through wrapping paper — it’s all so exciting! I honestly love seeing my boys bubbling with the Christmas spirit. With so many kids’ games and products on the market, it can be overwhelming shopping for the little ones. So, I compiled a list of my favorite gifts for kids this holiday season:

Chi Universe Yoga Mat & Game For Kids & Tweens

My boys seriously LOVE these yoga mats. Strategically placed symbols help them learn where to place their hands and feet for different yoga postures. There is also a card game that comes with it. Timothy even reminds me to put my hands on the hearts on the mat. These mats come in pink and blue as well as kid-size and adult size. There is even an app you can download that goes with the mats and helps you progress to different levels. My four-year-old twins love these mats as much as my seven-year-old. I personally think yoga is the best way to bond with my kids; and chi universe makes it SO much fun. Use 15offChi for 15% off as well!



Piggy Paint Nail Polish

This nail polish is too cute! Piggy Paint has a ton of pre-made gift sets to save you precious wrapping time. These little sets range from 2 – 4 different polishes, and some come with accessories. These polishes make the best stocking stuffer or bonus gifts. Piggy Paint polishes are non-toxic, odorless, kid-friendly, and cruelty-free – perfect for little budding manicurists.

Meddy Teddy

How cute is this Yogi bear named Meddy Teddy? With his sweet smile and relaxed face, he’s the ideal gift for kids. Especially around the holidays, kids seem to have endless energy. Meddy Teddy has a bendable internal frame, so his limbs can be moved into different yoga poses, which kids can then copy. Encouraging yoga practice teaches children mindfulness and can bring balance to their lives; and Meddy Teddy makes yoga fun! 

Griddly Games – Just Add Baking Soda

For all the kiddos who are budding scientists, Griddly games are awesome. The kit has more than 20 activities to activate children’s minds both academically and creatively. Fun projects for everyone, from bath bombs to volcanoes are included in the kit. There’s even an ornament-making activity, perfect for the holiday season. Just Add Baking Soda is so fun and a great addition to at-home learning this year!

TENZI Dice Party Game

Each Tenzi Dice set comes with four sets of dice and NINE different games to play. Dice games are great for kids, they help with simple math and quick number recognition. Tenzi dice are more than just learning games, they’re also incredibly fun for everyone! Tenzi’s main game is all about speed, making it instantly competitive. It’s the perfect game to kill time before or after dinner.

Hasbro Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Candy Delight Playset

PlayDoh is always fun and this particular playset is great for any budding chef. The set gives you all the tools you need to make fake candy that looks good enough to eat. Then you can smush it all down and do it again. Kids love creating with Play-Doh, and it’s so satisfying to play with, it’s something you can do together. 

Personalized Playmats are soft, comfortable foam mats that fit beautifully in any room of your home. I love that they are custom made and designed to fit the aesthetic of your home and can include your children’s names or favorite objects. Timothy has his own mat with his name and musical instrument. They are perfect for all rooms in your home including playrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, and family rooms! The mats are free of any toxic substances, water repellent, wipe clean easily, and protect your floors. These are very special gifts your children will love and use for a long time. Use code SHOPSMALL15 to save 15%!

Keys & Kingdoms: Learning to play the piano is the best holiday gift and MeloQuest’s Keys & Kingdoms adventure game teaches kids 6-15 REAL piano skills.  Kids LOVE it and that means they’ll practice which means they’ll LEARN. Keys & Kingdoms is available exclusively at Best Buy (online and select stores) for $99.

The holiday season is about being together and being present is the best gift you can give anyone. When you’re a kid opening up gifts is so exciting though and if you’re on a budget these ideas won’t break the bank. Whether you’re signing your gifts from yourself or Santa, the kids in your life will love anything off this list. Hopefully, it will make shopping for the little ones a little easier this year!

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