Get Svelte!

Get Svelte!

I am thrilled to announce my partnership with CalNaturale Svelte as the official spokeswoman for the all-natural protein shake. I’m so proud to represent a brand with so much integrity and high standards. Svelte is a premiere product created by California Natural Products, which has deep roots in organic and natural products and has been in the industry for more than 30 years.

CalNaturale Svelte was first launched in the Spring of 2010. I remember tasting my very first Svelte French Vanilla shake and jumping for joy! I am such an advocate of healthy eating and good nutrition; and I’m always on the lookout for great tasting snacks to supplement my active lifestyle—but it’s hard to find products that aren’t loaded with junk or taste like chalk.

Svelte really is a dream come true, and I had to let the company know immediately how I felt. All 4 flavors are delicious! They can sit on the shelf or stay in my bag and don’t need refrigeration until I’m ready to enjoy the chilled protein shakes. They come with a genius screw cap so I can save some for later if I don’t want to drink it all at once (most protein shakes have tabs that tear off and you have no choice but to drink it all at once).

The packaging makes me so happy and reinforces positive self-esteem. In my yoga classes, we often use mantras to keep our moods lifted and minds focused. Svelte helps provide sustained, focused energy while lifting our spirits with affirmations and tasty, wholesome goodness.

The nutritional aspects of Svelte are really almost too good to be true. Each creamy shake provides 16 grams of protein, which is all organic and come from fresh (not powdered) organic soymilk. Organic rice provides the organic complex carbohydrates, which helps with a low glycemic steady state of energy. The shake provides 20% of our daily fiber needs and only contains 9 grams of sugar, a huge bonus since I find so many shakes loaded with sugar or artificial sweeteners. The only sweetener used is organic cane sugar and stevia. The shakes are also dairy-free and gluten-free.

Nutrition plays such a huge role in our lifestyle, activity level, mindset, attitude, physique and energy level. Exercise and fitness are my livelihood, yet without proper fuel, I can’t perform at my very best. We need to think of our body as our favorite vehicle. We’d never feed our red Mercedes Benz convertible with regular gasoline. If we want to function well and thrive throughout our day and life, we need premium fuel.

Svelte keeps us driving steady throughout each day. It’s great by itself for breakfast on the go, or blended with ice, fruit and nut butters; it’s the perfect tide-me-over, mid-morning snack; it’s great pre/post workout;, it’s an awesome mid-afternoon pick me up, nice before a late night dinner with friends (so you don’t show up ravenous and eat everything in sight!); and it’s even a healthy bedtime snack that helps your body recover and build lean muscle overnight.

This year, get strong, get sexy, get Svelte. Here’s to you!

Don’t just take my word for it, try Svelte for yourself! Leave a comment here, my FB fanpage or twitter and tell me what keeps you going throughout the day AND like CalNaturale Svelte on Facebook for a chance to win some FREE Svelte! I’ll select a winner on July 20! Good luck!

PS: Stay posted for more posts throughout the year that will feature more fun giveaways. I’ll also be featuring Svelte tastings at my upcoming events so you can try some for yourself!

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