Get Sexy for Summer!

baby bump on the beach Swimsuit season has arrived! Here’s some of my favorite yoga moves to help you get in bikini shape in no time at all. I’m happily showing off my bump in a bathing suit; and I’m still able to do most of the below postures at 8.5 months pregnant. If you’re expecting like me (or find these too challenging at first), you can modify the dolphin by dropping your knees to the floor. In boat, you can eliminate the weights and use your hands under your thighs to help support you. Dancing Shiva feel free to hold a chair and stretch the back leg only, if your center of gravity is giving you balance issues.


Dolpnin plank Work your abs while you work the rest of your body. There’s no need to get on the floor and do a ton of crunches. You can work your abs by testing your balance, doing planks, and yogi style push-ups. One of my favorite full body exercises that kills your abs and gets your legs, buttocks, hips arms and waist in tip-top shape is the DOLPHIN.

Start on all fours drop your forearms to the floor and interlace your hands in to a clasp. Tuck under your toes and lift your hips in to forearm downward dog. Inhale come forward in to a plank bringing your chin past your hands, exhale press back to forearm dog. Repeat 10-12 times and try 2 to 3 sets. Your abs will be solid and your body will be rocking! Dolphin push-ups are also a great way to get your body in shape for all summer sports you might be playing—beach volleyball, tennis, outdoor running and swimming.

Boat Pose with weights

Canoe with weights Another way to fire up your metabolism is to add strength training to your yoga routine. Grab a set of hand weights and try some bicep curls in warrior 2, triceps kick backs in warrior 3, chest flyes in eagle pose, and this killer Boat Pose holding a weight in between your feet and your hands.

Start seated grab a 5 pound weight place it between your feet as you lift your legs in the air to a table top position. Hold another 5 lb. weight in your hands. Inhale hinge back towards a canoe, try lengthening your legs out in front of you, exhale come back up to boat. Repeat 15-20 times. If you still have the stamina add a few twists side to side with the weight. This exercise will tone your entire body; and set you up for stand up paddle boarding, surfing, swimming and kayaking.

Dancing Shiva Lastly, you can finish off with a standing balance pose like Dancing Shiva. Dancing Shiva is a wonderful way to welcome in the sunshine and celebrate summer. This pose strengthens your arms, legs, hips, buttocks and abs, while lengthening your waist, hip flexors, and opening up your chest and back. The deeper your breath, the more oxygenated your body which helps boost your metabolic rate.

Start standing, fold your right leg behind you and take hold of the top of the foot. Extend your left arm in front of your and bring the thumb and forefinger to touch. Stretch the right leg back as your bend forward slightly and lift the left arm up to a high diagonal.  Keep your abdominals engaged and open up your chest as much as you can. Take 5 to 8 deep breaths then switch sides.

Here’s to being in great shape and having fun all summer long!

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