Fun Fall Activities

As the weather changes, I love to do fun activities that get us outside and keep us all active. Here are a few of our favorite family Fall activities:

Apple Picking

Apple picking is so much fun and you get to bring home a bag full of healthy treats. I love showing my boys where their food comes from. They delight in picking their own apples and trying the different varieties. We’ll do a taste test when we get home blindfolded and trying a few of each to figure our our favorite. Every apple treat is so tasty and healthy too. From baked apples to my favorite healthy apple pie overnight oats, to simple apples dipped in nut butter. Most of the Apple Orchards also offer corn mazes, hayrides, various apple-based treats as well as many other fun events.

Pumpkin Patch

Fall means pumpkin season! Picking out the perfect pumpkin to carve and display outside of your home is an essential part of the season. We had the MOST fun recently at Hanks Pumpkin Town picking out our own pumpkins. The boys take their carving pretty seriously (mainly dad helping as they direct!), and I love roasted pumpkin seeds. Taking the kids on a walk to choose their favorite pumpkin is a great family activity that will get everyone excited for Halloween as well. We plan to check out the Spooky Pumpkin walk at the New York Botanical Gardens this weekend too!

Picnic in the Park

Having a picnic in the summer is sometimes hard with kids. Especially with the extreme heat and swarms of different insects. Fall is the perfect opportunity for a day spent in the park. A picnic lunch and a blanket to sit on is the perfect recipe for some active family fall time. Bringing bikes or skipping ropes is also an added bonus! We also bring soccer balls, baseball bats and do our favorite Fall yoga poses (trees, crows and Halloween cats) too!

Decorating Party

Decorating your house for fall is always fun and especially adding in Halloween decor! We love to throw in some spooky decor with some gourds, pumpkins, and sunflowers. We’ve made it a  yearly tradition as a family and the kids get excited when we pull out the knick-knacks and spice up our apartment. We buy our sunflowers and gourds at the farmer’s market in Union Square and the boys love asking me what every fruit and vegetable is as we walk through the rows of amazing produce and farm-fresh items.

Fall Crafts

There are a ton of different creative crafts that make for the perfect fall festivities for the kids. Painting pinecones is fun, and we also love to gather leaves in Central Park and create collages. Leaves are great for lots of things, you can help the kids make a garland, a leaf crown or do a leaf press with crayons as well. These fun festivities will get everyone in the house excited and the adventure of gathering leaves and pinecones; and jumping in leaf piles first makes it much more fun!

Sesame Place or Amusement Park

Going to a big amusement park in the summer can be a little crazy. The lines are long, the weather is hot, the kids get really tired really quick. This time of year is the ideal time to go visit a local amusement park. We are only one and a half hours away from Sesame Place and it’s the BEST place to take the kids. Everyone loves to see Elmo, the rides are perfect for their age, the lines aren’t long at all and they even have special Halloween decorations in the Fall. We went a few weekends ago and had the time of our lives. If you live anywhere near Sesame Place I highly recommend going now, it is so reasonably priced too!

All of these activities will help keep your little ones and yourself entertained and active when the leaves start changing colors and the temperatures drop. Make this Fall one to remember with new fun family traditions and activities.

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