Fuel Up With Fat Before Your Next Yoga Session. Yes, FAT!

Kyle Schneider is not only the Director of Sales & Business Development at MCT Lean, but also a National Strength Conditioning Association (NSCA) Certified Strength Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). He is currently working towards completing his Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification and plans on attaining his Master’s in Exercise Physiology in the near future. At the age of 22, Kyle has worked with and constructed specific training programs for top high school and Division I, II, and III male and female collegiate athletes.Click here to get an exclusive discount code and recipe book from MCT Lean.

I am so excited to be writing for Kristin’s blog (being a big fan of her DVDs!) Kristin’s total body workouts make you feel like you’re using muscles you never even knew you had.

To get the most out of your workout (whether you’re working out with Kristin or going for a run), consider what you put in your body to fuel up beforehand. This dictates energy levels, focus, and the potential for powering through everything from Downward Dog to Warrior I.

Before you work out, you’re probably consuming some carbohydrates and sugars (hopefully in the form of fruit!). Am I right?

You’ve probably also heard that carbs provide quick energy needed for exercise. However, the truth is, your body doesn’t require carbs before exercise — it can operate just as efficiently on protein and fat during even the most exhausting of training sessions.

Yes, I said fat.

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Science suggests that eliminating pre-workouts carbs and replacing them with much-neglected healthful fats can improve exercise performance and lead to greater fat loss.

Take a look at the way carbs affect your body. It goes something like this…

  1. During digestion, carbs are broken down into glucose, which causes blood sugar levels to rise.
  2. The hormone insulin is then released to drive the glucose molecules into the cells for energy. The catch is that until the spike in blood sugar is normalized, the circulating insulin won’t allow your body to use its fat for fuel. It must utilize the carbohydrates first. (Are you seeing the problem here?)
  3. If you can avoid pre-workout carbs, you are completely freeing up your body to burn fat as its primary fuel source during exercise.

Now, enter medium chain triglycerides, or MCTs…

MCTs are shorter chain fats that don’t act like normal fats. They provide immediate supplemental energy that increases oxidative capacity, while also decreasing fat deposition during your yoga session!

Studies indicate that continual MCT consumption by recreational athletes results in reduced lactate production, a lower rate of perceived exhaustion, and maintenance of extended high-intensity exercise.

When taken on a regular basis, MCTs not only prime the body for fat burning, but they also provide sustained energy that reduces fatigue, improves endurance, and enables you to get the most out of your Kristin McGee training session.

In the end, I understand that giving up pre-workout carbohydrates sounds difficult, and even a bit annoying, but I’m urging you to just give it a try. You’ll really be so surprised at how well you perform during your session.

Ultimately, eating carbs pre-workout reduces the amount of fat you can burn during the session, and honestly, you don’t need them. I used to think the same thing as you’re probably thinking right now, that I had to have carbs before I worked out or I’ll end up feeling sluggish. This isn’t the case though. I substituted my pre-workout carbs for coffee or tea with our MCT Lean MCT Oil and I’ve found that I feel more energized, focused, and motivated. Truly.

So my advice? Try MCT Lean MCT Oil pre-workout and MCT Lean Vegan Protein Blend post-workout. If you buy it, just email me to get a free recipe. I’d love to hear how it goes!

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