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As a mother of infant twins and a toddler, it can be very hard to get a meal in! I am always on the look out for healthy, fresh, easy choices. I often order my groceries through Fresh Direct or Whole Foods. I also use Cook Unity, NYC chef made meals, for dinner on nights when it’s just me and the kids. I’ll order a delicious salmon dish, make Timothy organic chicken nuggets or whole wheat pasta and feed the twins a puree of fruits or vegetables.

Recently, I tried an organic meal delivery company called Fresh N’ Lean. Fresh n’ Lean prepares and delivers organic, gluten-free, fresh, and ready to eat meals directly to your door. Their goal is to make healthy eating simple and fun with affordable plant-based meals. You have the option to order a meal plan with one, two or three meals a day; or order meals a la carte.

I was sent a blueberry oatmeal, cozy sweet potatoes and lentils, turmeric broccoli quinoa, kale stir fry and noodles, and some delicious cosmic cups. I have to be honest I wasn’t crazy about the packaging, for some reason it just didn’t look super appealing; but I was excited to try the food.

The oatmeal was tasty; but a little too sweet in my opinion. I felt like it could have been sweetened with just the blueberries alone. I noticed maple syrup was added to a lot of the food which I think is unnecessary. The ingredients, for the most part, though are super healthy. I personally wouldn’t order breakfast since I can easily make some yummy oatmeal, a greek yogurt with berries, or eggs.

The entrees for lunch or dinner were ok, I wasn’t blown away by them by any means. I think they serve a purpose for people on a budget and have special dietary preferences; but I just needed a bit more flavor. I’m also not a vegan or vegetarian so maybe I would like their paleo options better. I noticed a paleo salmon meal on their website and it looks very tasty to me.

The best thing of all were the cosmic cups! These delicious morsels were vegan chocolate, almonds, coconut cream, maple syrup, vanilla and sea salt. Each one was only 155 calories and truly yummy. Fresh N’ Lean is based in California but delivers anywhere in the United States. I think that fact that they are so inexpensive is great, and I like that you can order meals as opposed to getting locked in to a meal plan. I am not sure I would order from them regularly; but will keep them as an option in my rotation.

What are your favorite go to meals when you don’t have time to cook?


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