Freestyle Friday!

Happy Friday!!! The sun is shining here in NYC, it’s been a beautiful week and I’m looking forward to an even nicer weekend.

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I love Friday’s in the summer because there’s always so much excitement in the air – everyone’s looking forward to the weekend ahead, some heading to the beach, other’s planning to stay in town and wander the city, or have a day filled with park activities! Friday’s also put me in a good mood because it’s one of the days I teach group classes at Reebok Sports Club and I just feed off all the wonderful energy from my students.


In the spirit of having fun Fridays, this summer I’d like to start a new tradition. I’m going to leave Fridays to blogging about topics/questions that YOU want to hear about.



So tell me, what can I tell you? What topics are you interested in learning about? Yoga/Pilates poses/moves you have questions about? Summer recipes? Parenting? Being a working Mom? Really anything, just ask!


Leave your comments below and I will make an attempt to answer them throughout the summer on Friday’s.


Have a wonderful weekend!!!

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12 thoughts on “Freestyle Friday!”

  • I would love to hear about products (clothes, yoga accessories, apps, food, anything!) that you are loving lately. I have discovered so many great things through your blog, and I would love to learn about more:-)

    • Hi Erin! Thank you for your question – I will be posting a response tomorrow, keep your eye out 🙂

  • What is muscle or leg cramps? How to get the releive from it through excercise. ? What causes it. ? What is the best remedy. ?

    • Keep your eye out for a response to your question on my blog!!! Hope you’re having a wonderful summer!

  • Hi Kristen,
    How about this one – yoga moves for teenage boys (especially for over exerted ankles and legs) aka the full soccer stretch out – with “ungirly” names :). So love all your blogging and info.
    All the best

  • Hi Kristen,

    Currently I am a beginner at yoga. I take two classes a week and loving every minute of it. I take a beginner Vinyasa and a Principles of Alignment class. My question is when will I know to advance and take an open Level Vinyasa Class? I am worried that I will either not advance in the practice of yoga, or it will be too soon and will not be able to keep up and not enjoy it? I have been doing it for three months.

    Loving your blog

    • Posted the answer today! Let me know if you have any questions. Best of luck with your yoga practice and keep it up!

  • Hi Kristin,
    You are amazing. I wat to ask that is it possible to change the shape of your body by doing yoga?. Can i have a narrow waist & hips and strong and big shoulders with yoga?.

  • Hi Kristin,
    You are amazing. I want to ask that, is it possible to change the shape of your body by doing yoga?. Can i have a narrow waist & hips and strong and big shoulders with yoga?.

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