FounderMade Wellness Summit

This Friday in NYC is one of the largest gatherings of wellness influencers and brands at the FounderMade Wellness Summit. What started as a thirty person dinner series dedicated to helping entrepreneurs build business through knowledge, mentorship & connectivity, FounderMade has now become a huge event with A-list names such as Tata Harper (Founder, Tata Harper), Jason Wachob (Founder, MindBodyGreen), Sean Hoess (Co-Founder, Wanderlust), and Neil Parikh (Co-Founder Casper). FounderMade hosts discovery summits that help entrepreneurs build the business of their dreams. Those intimate dinner parties have now turned in to gatherings of over five hundred businesses within six months!

On Friday February 3rd, hundreds of investors, distributors, retail partners and advisors will meet for a day of networking, speeches by leaders in the industry, and product demos. I remember years ago when I was approached by Jason Wachob, after he and his wife Colleen Wachob took my yoga class. He was just starting out with his idea and he asked if he could interview me about yoga and Pilates. We filmed this fun Q & A on the rooftop of Clay studios where I was teaching. Fast forward to MindBodyGreen, Jason’s incredible thriving lifestyle media brand. I can’t wait to reconnect with Jason, who will be leading a shark tank style pitch competition in the afternoon.

MindBodyGreen, FounderMade, and all of the other entrepreneurs and brands attending FounderMade believe in inspiring people to live their better lives. We are all interconnected, and summits like this bring us together in one giant wellness think tank that inspires creativity and growth. Business owners thrive when they can share their passion with others and entrepreneurs gain so much from mentors in their industry.

I personally can’t wait to meet so many of the speakers. I love Tata Harper’s skin care line and use her 100% natural and non toxic moisturizing mask every evening and my skin feels amazing. I would really like to connect with Derek Flanzraich founder of Greatist, as well as KIND’s and ClassPass’ founders. I’m always so jazzed after being around productive, inspiring, health minded innovators and I hope if you’re in Manhattan you will join me and attend. You’ll have the opportunity to watch panels of top industry founders, executives and thought leaders, experience the Discovery Lounge, and network among over five hundred impactful founders, CEOs, investors, brands and corporate partners. The investment in yourself and for the day is well worth it. I’m definitely going to bring some of my CHAIR YOGA books along:)

For the full list of speakers, brands and distributors and to purchase tickets click on this link. Hope to see you there!

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