What is FounderMade?

FounderMade is like watching back to the future when they said we were going to have flying cars in 2020. They create a space where like-minded individuals and brands come together to showcase the future. FounderMade presents what that will look like in the form of innovative and inspiring brands.

FounderMade also organizes the world’s best conferences to discover and scale for consumer brands and retailers. I absolutely love this organization, and especially adore its Discovery Show! I’m always finding the most unique and credible brands through them, especially on their Instagram! I love attending the event because I always find new health and wellness brands to share with my followers! I love keeping up with the trends so it’s always fun being able to participate in the event and then come back and share the information with all of my followers! I also love finding healthy and fun stuff for the boys as well.

It is so incredible the way they created a space where brands can connect with professionals in the field to get the best products to customers!

FounderMade Summit’s

FounderMade Summits are a platform for forward-thinking brands to launch their innovations, gain awareness in the industry and make connections. Their events are always educational! The events include collaborations, discoveries and are always educational for all in attendance!

NYC Summit

I am so excited about this upcoming FounderMade summit this summer. I have attended their events in the past and have been nothing less than blown away with how many brands are out there. (Also by how many things I want to buy by the time I leave!) This years event will take place on June 26th right here in NYC at Spring Studios!

This event will feature brands in the beauty, health, food and wellness sectors. It will connect businesses and entrepreneurs with retailers, buyers, investors, and consumers. Additionally, there will be over 200+ brands under one roof for people to discover! I’m always looking for new products, especially in the wellness and health area!

This event will showcase emerging trends and products, including the growing CBD, hemp and Cannabis market, holistic health and beauty products, organic, clean and plant-based foods and more. I’m so excited because you can actually learn about the products, what’s trending and then go buy that product from a brand if you like it! There will be approximately 2,000 attendees! This is definitely an event & experience you won’t want to miss out on.

Speakers at the Event include:

  • Bobbi Brown
  • Jody Pinson
  • Walmart
  • Whole Foods
  • CVS Health

I’m excited to see you all there!

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