Foodstirs Delicious Easy to Bake All Inclusive Kits and a SWEET Discount!

I have had serious sweet cravings this pregnancy! I am trying my best to have just one treat a day or pick healthy-ish options; but when a pregnant woman wants a brownie, she wants the real deal. I lately discovered FOODSTIRS baking kits. The brainchild of Sarah Michelle Gellar and her friend Galit, these two moms wanted to create baking mixes with the best ingredients making it easier to not feel guilty about indulging. All of the kits are organic, non-GMO and feature six or less simply delicious premium, real ingredients, free of artificial preservatives, dyes and flavors.

Cookies Timothy has really taken an interest in cooking and helping me lately in the kitchen. He loves to spread peanut butter on his PB&J’s and he was so excited when he could dump the cookie mix in the bowl and help me stir in the butter and organic eggs. He licked his fingers as we scooped the cookie mix on to the baking sheet. The end product was delicious and I put the dough in the fridge for an hour to make the second batch of cookies chewier, which I prefer.

Brownies Next up we made some sea salt chocolate brownies. OMG, these were SO good. I really didn’t expect to love them as much as I did. I used coconut oil and a tablespoon of water and one organic egg then added the packet of chocolaty goodness. I love how simple these kits are when I don’t have time to make everything from scratch. The brownies have chocolate chips in them and I only sprinkled salt on half of them in case Timothy and his dad liked them plain.

YUMMY! The gals at Foodstirs have a motto to “bake life sweet” and they believe the heart (and stomach) can be found in the kitchen. I vividly remember helping my grandma bake cookies during the holidays and it’s a special memory I will cherish forever. I also love giving friends, family and clients, edible gifts that are healthy and tasty. No matter how things are prepared, if they are baked with love it is felt and tasted!

If you want to take 20% off an order at FOODSTIRS use code YOGI20. Happy Baking and let me know if you have any great shortcuts you’ve discovered and love!







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