Guest Blog: Foods That Ensure Healthy Living by Katy Cavallero

Foods That Ensure Healthy Living

This article was authored by photographer, Katy Cavallero


A balanced diet translates into a healthy diet, a key element not only in longevity but living a long life that’s free from diseases. Healthy meals mean the inclusion of foods which provide the body the essential nutrients, as well as the important minerals and health giving-vitamins, to produce energy, maintain the body’s systems in optimal working condition, the brain alert and active, and a general feeling of well-being.

The Old Food Pyramid

How does one eat healthily, so to speak? The foods an individual eats vary throughout that individual’s life and during certain times like a serious medical condition, pregnancy, convalescence from a surgical procedure, or unexpected disability. Still, there are basic foods which don’t change much when it comes to consumption. These healthy foods are a throwback to the old food pyramid we all learned at point or another while we were still in school and include:

• Fruits, vegetables, and legumes.
• Whole grains and breads, pasta, noodles, and rice which are made from whole grains.
• Only leans meat, poultry, fish, and other seafood.
• Dairy products with reduced fat content, or substitutes for them which contain similar high amounts of calcium and protein.
• Foods which have low-sodium content.
• Foods which have low-sugar content.

Choosing Ingredients that are Nutritious

Needless to say, a healthy diet prescribes a limited amount of saturated fat intake, and a moderation in total fat intake, as well as consumption of foods which contain additives, preservatives, and artificial seasonings or coloring. A healthy diet may include the intake of alcohol, like wine or the occasional gin-and-tonic, but alcohol consumption should be regulated to avoid future liver disorders or even cancer of the liver.

Foods that use ingredients in healthy recipes cannot only be nutritious but also taste delicious. One just has to choose what ingredients can be contributory to health yet be enjoyed by the palate. Fresh is, of course, the number one factor to consider when buying food products. Buying organic food products is the surest way to ensure that there are no preservatives, chemicals, additive, artificial hormones, etc. in the foods that are consumed. There are certain changes that one has to make to begin reaping the health benefits of a healthy diet.

Opting for Healthier Alternatives to Unhealthy Choices

For instance, there are certain foods which need to be eliminated or reduced in amount to lower the risks for certain diseases such as chronic inflammation of joints (arthritis), diabetes, hypertension, and skin allergies. These changes can be introduced and subsequently incorporated into the diet gradually, so as to enable the body to adapt to them. For instance, having fish instead of lamb chops twice a week can be a start, or limiting consumption of salami and bologna and opting for turkey or salmon instead can be another. Instead of consuming milk or white chocolate, for instance, have dark chocolate instead.

Have kale or sweet potato crisps instead of the potato and corn varieties. Have fresh fruits like bananas, apples, pineapples, and peaches, and unsalted nuts such as walnuts, pistachios, almonds, Brazil nuts, and hazel nuts for snacks to give the feeling of satiation in-between meals without the added calories or fats. Switch from full cream or whole milk to low, skim or reduced fat milk and other dairy products or, better yet, switch to soy beverages and yogurt for protein and calcium needs.

Balance and Moderation

All one has to remember is that good nutrition begins with a healthy diet that can protect the body against a gamut of medical conditions, from high blood pressure, certain kinds of cancer, skin diseases, loss of bone mass, reduced visual capability, and a weakened immune system which is unable to ward off infections that can develop into more serious ailments.

A healthy diet translates into optimal weight maintenance, with no obesity issues at any point in life. The operative words are balance and moderation. Balance foods that should be consumed only once in a while, and foods that should be eaten regularly and frequently should be made, and take all food in moderation. Remember that eating healthy doesn’t mean deprivation or tasteless food.

Katy Cavallero

About Katy Cavallero

Katy Cavallero is a part time photographer from from Toronto, ON Canada. Being a good photographer is definitely not easy. She also joined the staff of a business magazine which was based in London and became a corporate photographer. During her free time, Katy create blogs and post contents related to foods. It is her pleasure to share valuable information, knowledge and tips to this blog.

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  • That would be the best way to start a healthy lifestyle. Fresh fruits and veggies are real foods that will help you prevent risk at any kind of disease. This is very helpful and a food for thought. Thanks for sharing,.

  • Simple but effective tips, I do really appreciate your article and will be using these tips, THANKS

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