Food Matters–A Delicious Meal Delivery Service & My Customized Breastfeeding Mom’s Days Worth of Meals!

Cooking and eating as a new mom are two of the hardest things to do! I find I never have two hands free to prep a meal; and the second I sit down to eat, it seems Timothy gets fussy. Not to mention, it’s impossible to find the time just to get to the grocery store to buy everything. I’ve attempted numerous trips with Timothy in his Bjorn to Trader Joe’s or Fairway Market and I always pray he will stay asleep while I rush through the aisles. I also look kind of crazy walking home carrying big heavy grocery bags and the little guy all at once. The stroller it’s great to use for the grocery bags; but try pushing a grocery cart and a stroller through a crowded New York grocery store, it’s near impossible.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA A week ago I had an incredible gift from Food MattersFood Matters is a healthy delivery service that provides breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Founded by Tricia Williams, an accomplished executive chef, nutrition educator and chef instructor, she is meticulous about each meal’s preparation and presentation. I loved the silver tiffins my food came in so much that my husband bought me a set of my own to start using. Tricia believes food should be fresh, whole, locally grown, organic, sustainable and delicious.

SONY DSC Food Matters is personalized to each individual. You fill out a form with food preferences, likes/dislikes, allergies, goals, favorite styles of foods and a typical day of eating. Tricia and her team then customize a meal plan based on your profile and it’s delivered to your door first thing in the morning. Tricia even goes one step further and specializes in providing meals for people with medical issues, fertility issues, nursing moms or people looking to lose weight and live healthier. The meals contain no gluten, dairy or refined sugars that disrupt the body’s natural equilibrium.

Tiffins Tricia created a days worth of meals and snacks for me to support my breastfeeding needs and supply great nutrition for myself and my precious boy. The meals were not only delicious, they gave me incredible steady energy and made me feel safe and comforted. I never had to worry about prepping something healthy, I could just heat up each dish or grab a snack to take with me on our park walk and be fed and nourished. Food Matters is really a mother’s (whether brand new with a little baby or with a house full of growing children) dream come true. 

french toast Breakfast included banana bread french toast with pineapple and blueberries. The banana bread was made of oats, almond meal, flax meal, farm eggs, coconut oil, cinnamon and bananas. The slow burning breakfast really helped to power me though my breastfeeding morning and activity with Timothy Grayson. Tricia told me they add flax to support the baby’s brain development. The banana provides mamma with carbs and the almond meal and egg add a healthy does of protein to start the day. The oats help with milk production and the pineapple is anti-inflammatory to support the body getting back to it’s pre-pregnancy size. Blueberries add a blast of antioxidants. 

Food Matters Lunch was a delicious sesame chicken asian noodle salad. The sesame organic chicken was brushed with turmeric for inflammation. The chicken is a healthy source of protein and the noodles contained ginger which is also anti-inflammatory. The vegetables were blanched and shocked to make for easy digestion and the risk of a gassy baby lower.

SONY DSC My cereal bar snack was made of oats, almond butter, brown rice, almonds and cranberries. Tricia told me this snack is a post natal power house that helps support healthy milk production and gives new moms all the energy they need to get through the afternoon. I loved the taste and the texture. 

photo By the evening, I was exhausted and couldn’t have been happier to sit down to a home made shepherds pie filled with chicken and vegetables topped with a cauliflower crust. The most important thing for a new mom is to feel comforted at such an important time in her life. What’s more comforting than a shepherd’s pie made with a rainbow of veggies and a savory cauliflower crust? I thought it was the perfect meal, it made me feel nourished while breastfeeding that evening; and Timothy fell sound to sleep as well. 

Once Timothy laid down, I treated myself to a sweet lemon bar made of lemons, farm eggs, flax, almond meal and coconut oil. I had a cup of tea and put my feet up and felt very happy. Tricia says every new mom should be rewarded with a healthy sweet treat that’s alkalizing, and I couldn’t agree more!

1L of alkaline water was provided as well, the team at Food Matters believe that a healthy body is an alkaline body. Tricia gives new moms alkaline water as opposed to green juice since they aren’t really sure about the release of toxins from green juice in breast milk. I didn’t think about this myself and now I also play it safe with alkaline or lemon water. 

If you’re a new mom or just an extremely busy New Yorker, I highly recommend you check out Food Matters. Thank you so very much Tricia for the creative, delicious, healthy, nourishing food you provided for myself and my growing boy!


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