Food Matters

Food Matters

New York City is the mecca of take out! My husband orders out most nights of the week when he gets home super late from the office. I know so many of my friends rely on take out 24/7 as well. It’s convenient, easy, delivered quickly, there’s no dishes to do afterwards and there is a huge variety of places to choose from.

The only problem is, night after night of take out can wreak havoc on our bodies. Many chains and restaurants, as healthy as they try to be, can still fall short. There’s usually more sodium, fat and sugar added to many take out meals; and they often contain preservatives to keep them fresh.

I recently discovered a new form of take out and it’s incredible! I really do love to cook my own meals–it’s meditative, I know what’s going in to them and I can choose healthy ingredients. There are many days, though, when I rely on the same almond butter and jelly sandwich for lunch; and salmon, broccoli, whole wheat pasta for dinner. On really busy weeks, I have little time to go shopping and I’m exhausted to deal with all the prepping when I get home late. When I wake up super early to teach, it’s too easy to grab the same greek yogurt for breakfast every day.

Food Matters is healthy delivery service that provides breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. They are meticulous about their preparation and presentation. I loved the silver tiffins my food came in so much that my husband bought me a set of my own to start using.

Food Matters is personalized to each individual. You fill out a form with food preferences, likes/dislikes, allergies, goals, favorite styles of foods and a typical day of eating. Tricia and her team then customize a meal plan based on your profile and it’s delivered to your door first thing in the morning.

My quinoa waffles were to die for, the halibut and quinoa lunch was truly delicious and I’d love to eat that kind of meal more often then a sandwich on the go. The chicken nuggets, sweet potato fries and spinach for dinner were so yummy and best of all was the homemade ketchup that came with them. I NEED that recipe!

Doing a day with Food Matters showed me how I could start to vary my own diet. It also helped me slow down and eat each meal with a knife and fork. I felt energized and sated after every meal and I loved the delicious greens in between meals–cold in the morning and I heated some up as soup in the mid day.

I think Food Matters is a great way to get a jump start on a healthy eating plan if you’re looking for one. It’s a great post Turkey day idea to get back on track after eating heavy meals. It is also a fun wonderful gift to give to yourself or a loved one for a day’s worth of healthy meals that you can enjoy without the prep and clean up.

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