Foam Roller Workout!

I absolutely LOVE to foam roll, I call it the poor man’s massage. Foam rolling releases fascial (the webbing that covers our entire body) tissue; and gets all the knots out of our muscles. A foam roller is super inexpensive, light and easy to store (upright in a closet or under the bed) and can also be used for a quickie workout too. I especially like to use the foam roller for ab work and Pilates with my clients and for myself.

foam rolling Foam rolling can help speed up recovery time after working out and alleviate pain, it can also decrease inflammation in our connective tissue and it improves our overall performance and reduces the risk of injury. I often foam roll before I lift weights or do yoga. I foam rolled a lot when I was pregnant with Timothy as well.

Here’s an awesome way to foam roll your muscles, release your joints, increase your range of motion and work your abs. Let me know if you like to foam roll or have done any of these moves before as well!

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