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As a mom to three little boys, all under the age of five, and a yoga instructor, you could say I am pretty busy. It is easy to get overwhelmed at times. I try and take a deep breathe and meditate when I feel really stressed. Sometimes I think I should scale back, but I love working and I love my boys, and I want to do it all!

I am always multitasking, running from teaching to be with my children then usually falling  into bed at night exhausted after I force myself to do some computer work and catch up on things. Before I pass out, I think to myself, I have survived today and I will survive tomorrow.

Sometimes my exhaustion gets the best of me. I feel like I am dragging some days and things are a little harder than the day before. There are times I feel like I have a hard time shaking the constant fatigue. Moms are superheroes, but sometimes they need a little boost. Did you know iron deficiency is most common in women? The symptoms I just mentioned can be caused by low iron. Before you beat yourself up (like I do to myself), you may want to get your iron levels checked.

Iron Deficiency

Your iron level is determined by the loss of iron during your period and throughout pregnancy. Did you know your iron requirements double during pregnancy? If you’re not getting enough of this crucial mineral, you can feel exhausted. Your iron can actually decline from every pregnancy. Iron is very important for you and your baby’s development. Your body stores iron for the baby’s first six months of life.

I remember when the twins were first born, I was so exhausted. I had two brand new babies, I was taking care of my toddler and, on top of it all, I was super sleep deprived while trying to heal my body.


Taking a Supplement

After talking to my doctor, he said my iron levels were still low and I might want to supplement. I started taking a supplement from Flora. Flora has been manufacturing and distributing herbal products since 1965. Thomas Greither, the founder of Flora, has dedicated his life to the discovery, production and distribution of natural health care products. All of the herbal remedies ensure maximum purity and quality with a holistic approach to being healthy.

Floradix helps women reclaim their energy. Busy moms often blame their exhaustion & fatigue on the fact that they are so busy with work, kids, etc, but really it could be iron deficiency. Iron is part of the hemoglobin within red blood cells. It enables the blood to carry oxygen to tissues within the body, and it gives our blood, especially oxygenated blood, its rich red colour.

Energy Booster

After trying Floradix, I decided to try another Flora product known for boosting energy. I want to have energy all day long so I can play at the park with the boys and have a great time after teaching all morning. Getting the most out of a workout is also very important to me. So I tried Omega Sport+, a convenient all-in-one way to get the healthy fats you need (omega-3,-6, and -9), MCTs, plus turmeric and vitamin D. It is a great way to stay active throughout the day. I found that the supplement gave me an energy boost and helped my endurance.

I eat healthy, move daily, meditate, and try to get a good night’s sleep, and it’s important to me to be at the top of my game in everything I do. If I can supplement with the right products in a safe and natural way, I feel even that much better. I highly recommend Flora products and have been extremely happy with them!




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