Fleurings–Jewelry to Lift Your Mood

Fleurings–Jewelry to Lift Your Mood

A couple of weeks ago I was feeling kind of blue, so on my way home from work I stopped by the little bodega across the street from our apartment and bought myself some bright purple flowers to cheer me up. My husband often has flowers waiting for me when I come home from a long work trip, or if I’ve been away for a while, or sometimes just because. My spirits lift immediately when I have a bunch of brightly colored, fresh smelling flowers to greet me when I walk in the door. Living in NYC, it’s especially important to have beautiful things from nature surrounding me.

I came across a very interesting article on just how flowers truly do affect our moods and well-being. Flowers are scientifically proven to not only have an immediate impact on happiness; but to also have long term positive effects on our emotions. Flowers also connect us and bring us together, helping us to form more intimate relationships with people.

I was recently in Los Angeles shooting new DVDs for the Pilates Power Gym, a mini reformer I represent on HSN and elsewhere. The owner of the Pilates Power Gym’s daughter, Samantha Lockwood, is a creative beauty who is truly tapped in to the healing effects and positive feelings flowers promote. She started designing her own jewelry line, Fleurings, a gorgeous collection of mini Stainless Steel vase earrings, necklaces and other accessories that actually hold water and fresh flowers! Now I can wear flowers and feel happy and special throughout my entire day.

The necklace Samantha generously gave me pairs well with a casual tee and jeans for the day or with a sexy black dress or elegant sweater for the evening. I love wearing it while teaching yoga with little sprigs of dried lavender (which you can buy at most health food stores) and letting my students catch a whiff when I give them an adjustment in a pose, or neck rub in final relaxation.

Fleurings make wonderful gifts; and they are so much fun to customize and experiment with. Here’s a great link on how to style your Fleurings; and here’s a pic of us 3 gals in our necklaces. I’m excited to play around with Fall colors and flowers in my Fleurings necklace; and I’m so happy to have cheerful flowers with me all the time throughout the season. Now I can always stop and smell the roses!

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