Flap Jacked Pancakes–High Protein, Delicious Way to Start Your Day!

Breast feeding at lunch when Grandpa and Grandma were in town Breast feeding sure makes a girl hungry! I’ve been very fortunate to have an easy time feeding Timothy (pic of me up above at lunch feeding him when my dad and mom were in NYC); but as a new mom, I’ve had a harder time making sure I’m fed. With breast feeding, it’s important to get enough protein and to drink a ton of water. I’ve been hydrating constantly and eating 2% greek yogurts, eggs, salmon, chicken, turkey breast, beans and nut butter. I find the best time to get some good protein in to my system is at breakfast. 

Flap Jacked pancake mix I recently discovered the most amazing high protein pancakes. FlapJacked pancakes were founded by a mother and father of 5 kids who know how important it is to have sustained energy throughout the day. Jennifer and David Bacon developed a healthy ‘just add water’ protein pancake mix that uses whole grains and is low in carbs, high in protein and fiber and taste delicious.

Pancakes FlapJacked pancakes come in 3 mouth watering flavors: buttermilk, cinnamon apple and banana hazelnut. They are so easy to make, just add water, heat up the griddle and you’re golden. My mother came to NYC from Idaho to help me with baby Timothy Grayson and she and I whipped up a batch of buttermilk pancakes last Saturday morning. They came out moist and fluffy and my husband loved them. He commented on the fact that they had no weird protein aftertaste and said they were just like regular pancakes.

Little boy pancake My mom made a special little boy pancake in honor of Timothy! Move over Aunt Jemima, FlapJacked pancakes are good for you (only 200 calories per hearty serving with 17 grams of protein), and taste amazing. I will definitely be whipping up some more of these this coming weekend. I can’t wait to try the banana hazelnut with walnuts, pure maple syrup and an ice cold glass of milk. 





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