Five Reasons to Meditate During the Holidays

Meditation is the ultimate stress reliever for me. This year has been stressful, to say the least. Now the holiday are upon us; and as joyful as the season is, it can also add more chaos and pressure to our lives. As a working mom of three young boys, I’m very busy; and I want to make the holiday special for them. I remind myself in the moments when I am most crazed, that being present is the best gift I can give my kids, family, friends and students. Meditation grounds me in the moment and helps me reconnect to myself and what’s most important in life. All you need is five to ten minutes a day. Find a comfortable seat or lie down and watch your breath or repeat a mantra such as “peace begins with me”. Try meditation for just a few moments before you start your day, or right at the end, or at any moment when you feel most frazzled.

Here are five reasons to meditate during the holidays.

Reduce Stress

Meditation for just a few minutes will help you produce a state of relaxation.  Focus your attention on the present and remove the unwanted things that are clogging your brain.  When you’re done, you will feel physical and emotional relief.

Promotes Calmness

When you take the time to meditate and be in the present moment, it helps keep you calm and grounded. This will give you a sense of control before your day begins.

Helps with Self Discipline

When you ground yourself through meditation, it helps you become mindful.  This can promote mindful eating. You’ll be able to be present and in the moment, allowing you to eat only what is necessary to fuel your body.

Helps with Sleep

When you are working hard and more things are expected, it can be stressful, and sometimes it can cause insomnia.  We stay awake thinking about what we have to do next.  Meditation has been known to help with sleep. It helps you concentrate on the present and not stress about the past or future.

Physical Relaxation

You have gotten up early, taken care of the kids, cooked, cleaned, and tried to make the holidays a positive experience for the family.  Now it is time for you to take in all that is good and not focus on the negative, meditation will help you find your way to physical relaxation.

This season is going to be a little different; try to focus on the positive and stay present as best as possible. Remember that is the best gift you can give to anyone, including yourself.

Happy Holidays!

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