FitBump Thrive Foods–Awesome Meal Delivery Service for Pre and Postnatal Moms

FitBump Thrive Foods–Awesome Meal Delivery Service for Pre and Postnatal Moms

logo FitBump and Brendan Brazier have partnered to create an incredible, healthy, vegan meal delivery service, FitBump Thrive Foods for moms and moms to be. I just tried a weeks worth of food, and it was great! I’m personally not a vegan; but I do eat a ton of food that is vegan–nuts, grains, vegetables, fruits and beans. I met Brendan about a year ago, and I really love the bars and shakes he created under his Vega line as well. FitBump Thrive Food consists of nutrient dense, plant based meals that all come in sustainable packaging. Moms can order 5 or 7 day plans to fit their needs pre and post natal. A baby and toddler line will soon be added as well.

packaging 2 My 5 days worth of food showed up in a giant box stuffed with ice packs with every day’s 3 meals wrapped neatly together. The foods were labeled by days and on each individual package had instructions for preparing.

oatmeal Monday started off with a delicious bowl of cinnamon and date oatmeal filled with juicy raisins in a coconut/almond milk base. It was creamy and delicious and kept me fairly full until lunch.

quinoa with veggies For lunch I had a plate full of quinoa with roasted vegetables–loved the brussel sprouts. I added a few spices to this dish and I had an apple afterwards. I carried nuts with me throughout the day for in between meals.

black bean soup Dinner was a bowl of black bean soup. I added some tabasco, cumin and cayenne pepper to it; and it was really good. I often made a green salad alongside my bowl of soup, or rice pasta, or whatever was on the dinner menu.

granola bite Some of my favorites included the homemade granola for breakfast, it was so good and yet so simple.

white bean soup I also loved the white bean soup.

lentil rice salad And, the lentil rice salad.

With my super busy teaching schedule, FitBump Thrive Foods meal plan made it so easy and convenient for me to have a healthy meal ready with minimal preparation. Most dishes just required 2-3 minutes in the microwave. I can definitely see something like this coming in handy right after my little guy is born and I have no time to cook. I feel so good knowing I’m feeding my body and my baby healthy, nutritious foods. I was pleasantly surprised to see how inexpensive the plans are, and the shipping is free. It’s also great to know I can get the plus plan next time around since I’m pretty active throughout my day.

Shake Shack Burger & Fries Ok, I must admit, I did have to get a good burger and fries that weekend though (courtesy of the Shake Shack)! I think it’s perfectly fine to have a little splurge, it’s a great balance for me anyways.

For more information on FitBump Thrive or to see a sample menu, you can visit If you use the code THRIVEBUMP2013 you can get 10% off your first order!

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