Finding the center of your own Universe

I want to share an incredible exercise I learned from one of my favorite teachers/mentors, Nevine Michaan, it has helped me in so many ways. I often rely on this when I meditate or at the start and end of each yoga practice or class.

Sit comfortably in Sukhasana (simple cross-legged position) or Virasana (hero’s pose) and rest your hands on your knees with your palms open to the ceiling hands in chin mudra. Close your eyes and envision the earth as one giant socket and your sits bones as one giant plug.

Let your mind rest on your breath and imagine an arrow from your heart center shooting down through your perineum to south below you and tap in to that support. Make effort by engaging your pelvic floor and feel the energy rising up your spine.

Go back to your heart center and shoot an arrow up above you to north and open up to the grace of the universe that rains down upon you. You don’t need to make any effort, just be open and receptive to receive the gifts that are yours.

Next, shoot an arrow from your heart center to east in front of you and see your visions and goals ahead of you in the future. Then shoot an arrow behind you to the western hemisphere and anchor yourself in your past and your memories and everything that has brought you to this place.

Now find yourself right in the middle of your own universe and expand your breath (the universal ujayii breath) so you can broaden your circumference and open up to all the awesome circumstances in your life.

Anytime you feel distracted, anxious, depressed, unfocused or just want to connect to a deeper place inside of yourself, you can rely on this technique to bring you back to center. The universe is here to support you, dive in, be your authentic self and take advantage of all life has to offer!

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