Finding My Inner Spin Goddess

I have to admit as a young girl I had some pretty tragic experiences on a bike: getting my bell bottoms caught in the chain on the way to elementary school in Wisconsin, doing an indo over the front handle bars mountain biking with my brothers in Idaho, and having to push my bike up our incredibly steep hill after losing steam riding home from tennis practice out at the Country Club.
Moving to Manhattan was a dream for me being able to motor myself around on my own two feet without any wheels involved!

My husband, is an avid cyclists and incredibly fit and skilled on a bike. He keeps his Seven road bike in our little apartment behind my Pilates Power Gym. Soul Cycle, Fly Wheel, and all of these incredible spin classes are the biggest craze now in NYC. So, recently I channeled my inner cycling goddess and have logged more miles on a bike than hours in the yoga studio!

A few weeks ago, Tim and I went to Sedona, Arizona for his birthday. We woke up early one morning in the desert to meet George our mountain biking guide and went out for a 2 hour ride in the red rocks. It was absolutely magnificent. I conquered my fear of flying over my handlebars going down hill. George reminded me to use my yoga breath and relax. “Lift up out of the saddle and ride the bumps effortlessly”, he said. He also taught me an extremely valuable lesson as a student and teacher to always, “Assess, Adjust, Adapt.” in every situation.

The following weekend after Tim and I returned, we rode in the 5 Boro Bike Tour. Tim has always wanted to do this since moving to Manhattan; and he was thrilled when our names were pulled in the lottery. On Sunday May 5th, over 30,000 people cycled 40 miles through Manattan’s 5 Boros. It’s pretty incredible! I was so happy I was on a bike the week prior; but that was a mountain bike. I discovered riding a road bike is a whole different story. I did pretty good, though, and Tim was also very proud of me for making it all 40 miles and keeping up with his pace.

The very next week, I had the opportunity to ride with a famous Nevisian Triathlete at Four Seasons Nevis. I was invited to teach a Girls Getaway and Special Mother’s Day yoga retreat at the Four Seasons. It was awesome to do some fun activities in between teaching; and an honor  to ride with Reggie. I loved that my bike was almost a cross between the mountain bike in Sedona and the road bike I rented for the 5 boro bike tour.

I returned from Nevis on Sunday evening May 13th and to top off my weeks of cycling, Thursday May 17th I was invited by Glam Media to spin in The Sports Bra Challenge in Union Square Park. I have maybe been to a handful of spin classes in my life and all of a sudden here I am in the middle of Union Square with at least 80 other woman all clad in just a sports bra, rocking out to music and spinning my butt off. I loved the teacher Jenny Gaither from Soul Cycle and even more loved her message and foundation, S.E.A.K. Strive|Embrace|Achieve|Know- “These are the core values behind the S.E.A.K. Foundation. Strive to be your best self. Embrace who you are. Achieve the confidence to follow your dreams. Know what you stand for and own it.”

Getting back on a bike after all of these years reminded me to strive to be my best self, to embrace all of me, and to find my inner child again who loved riding freely with the wind blowing in my hair. I feel like I can achieve anything I set out to do, knowing that everything I have is right here inside of me. There’s the old saying, “it’s like getting on a bike, once you know how to ride, you never lose that.” It’s funny as adults that we can so easily doubt ourselves. I think almost everything in life can be “like getting back on a bike.” Once you master a skill, you have it inside of you. Never forget that you are strong and powerful beyond belief.

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