Filming In Paris: Days 9 & 10

DAY 9:

I’m so sad to go to work today, it’s my very last day at CoachClub and I’ve had such an amazing time. Yesterday was Guillame’s last day for the company and he brought in his homemade delicious treats for everyone to try. Around 10am everyone met down in the kitchen and had a little party! I’m glad I saved some extras for later that afternoon….

I had a photo shoot session in the morning (super psyched with myself for being able to do my own hair and make up for it!) and shot my last two advanced routines in the afternoon. I was so frustrated with myself for not being able to do an advanced posture that I put in to my very last class. It’s one that I rarely practice and yet it’s so good for strengthening the lower back region (one of my weakest areas). I vow to work on it when I get home in my daily practice. I am happy I kept it in there, though, and to show that it is a struggle for me. I couldn’t really nail it like I wanted to after shooting for 2 weeks straight and just being a bit wiped out by the end of the day. Maybe this morning I could do it much better, but in that take and in that moment, it was really challenging. I learned a great lesson, that every day is going to be different and some days I’ll be in top form and others I may not be hundred percent. I am on this journey with everyone else and I still have millions of postures that I can work on as I continue to grow. For now, it’s best to stay present and to keep enjoying the ride.

Off for my last day today. We’ll shoot an interview and some commercial spots and tie up all the last things we need to. Tomorrow afternoon, I’m off to NYC. I will really miss my little family here that has taken such good care of me and treated me so well.



My last day of work on Friday in Paris, I taped an interview and some promo work for CoachClub; and we reshot our very first workout (when we first taped it, it was meant to be a pilot run and we pretty much nailed it as a real taping; but Olivier, our director, thought it was best to make it 100%). I walked home that evening just to soak it all in and remember as best I could the street I stayed on, the grocery, the boulangerie, the patisserie, etc. etc.

Later that night, Aurelie, Olivier, Damien and Alexander all came over to my flat with some French delights–meats, cheeses, breads, wine, etc. and we all sat on my terrace and soaked in the evening and talked about everything. I introduced them to Pandora, Grooveshark and “Mony Mony” (I couldn’t believe they had never heard that song!). They introduced me to Edith Piaf and Johnny Hallyday.

I really want to keep the sense of ease and enjoyment I felt around my French friends. Every day at lunch we all took time to relax and eat together. I just loved how everyone would say, “Bon Appetit” to each other before every meal! We worked hard; but we also had so much fun. There was a different sense about everything and it’s hard to explain. It could just be that by stepping out of my world and familiar routine, I learned to appreciate everything so much more. It’s a great learning lesson for me; and for us all to constantly switch it up in life. Even if it’s as simple as brushing your teeth with your opposite hand now and then, or learning new words and phrases in a different language, or listening to new music from Foreign artists or playing around with completely different sequencing on your yoga mat.

I flew back on Saturday and got in late Saturday night. Sunday I just chilled and got to catch up with my husband and unpack. I am looking forward to seeing all of my clients this week and of course it’s awesome to be back in NYC. I will surely miss my Paris friends and the work I did there. I had the time of my life and I am once again so thankful to have had an opportunity like that. Thanks to my yoga practice, I constantly expand my world and grow in ways I never could have imagined.

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