Filming In Paris: Days 6-8

DAY 6:

Today was my first day back after having the weekend off, I still loved the walk across the bridge when I get out of the metro and it was fun to see all of my French colleagues again. I feel like I’m getting in to my little routine here and I know it’s going to be sad when I finish this week of work. I’m sure I’ll also be relieved to be done and of course I can’t wait to get back and give my husband the hugest hug. It’s just so cool to live a different life for 2 weeks and feel like a Parisian.

I shot 3 routines today; but now we are in to the advanced level workouts. I just about died after lunch when I shot my 3rd advanced workout. I feel like the things I teach and say in my classes and routines are the lessons I am trying to learn myself. I almost fell out of flying crow today when showing my worse side and barely caught myself from nose diving straight in to the floor. Instead of freaking out about it, the cameras kept running and I just picked myself and brushed myself off and moved to my other side.

I always say how important it is to learn to fall on the mat. Once we discover it’s not so big a deal, we can learn to fall in life and get up and move on. I say this time and time again; but then when it happens to me, I feel like the biggest loser! Today was a great experience for me to realize, “it really isn’t that big of deal”. People at home who are doing this DVD will understand and also relate–side crow is challenging and some days are easier than others.

We are all human and how wonderful is it that we can have these human experiences on the mat and off the mat. We can grow and learn and support our self and others day by day. I am so happy to have such an amazing support system here, in NYC, at home in Idaho and within myself. I just hope I can continue to support everyone else as well in any way, shape or form as they too learn to fall in life and get back up and move on even better off than before.



This is a super short blog since it’s 830am Paris time and I need to get to set very soon. Yesterday was great. We finished 2 more routines and the teaser (opening lines, introduction, etc.).

Last night was the best ever! Stephane, a senior partner in CoachClub, offered to show me around Paris on his moped after work. I really got an insiders view of all the coolest places (too much to list right now) and saw the Eiffel Tower all lit up at night for the first time.

We met up with some of the rest of the gang and Stefan bought us all dinner at a super cool place called the Hotel du Nord. I had some of the best scallops ever and the wine was to die for.

I am blown away by the generosity and kindness I have been shown from everyone at CoachClub. I am having such an amazing experience and I want to cherish every moment. I went to bed around 12 last night after I arrived home; but it’s so worth it. I really can’t wait to come back here again with my husband and do Paris a second time around!


DAY 8:

Yesterday, Day 8, was yet another great day. I was a little sleepy in the morning after going out the night before; but the miraculous thing about yoga is it just really rejuvenates on all levels. I think if I were doing any other kind of discipline, I’m not sure my body would feel the same way. I really am not sore at all; and the only thing I sometimes feel is maybe a little over stretched.

We shot 3 more advanced routines yesterday and we only have 2 left. We shoot less DVDs per day but each routine is more challenging. I am shocked when I can hold the arm balances and more advanced poses I choreographed in to my classes. I have to admit, I am so happy it is all working out the way I planned. It was really hard to create and envision a progression of classes when I was home in NYC. Every morning, I would wake up and do a self practice then write up a routine and save it in a google documents folder. Without bragging, I do have to say, they are really fun and I can’t wait for everyone to try them and let me know their thoughts. It’s so cool to finally have so many of my different flows and sequences now recorded and available.

I met Thierry’s (the founder of CoachClub) kids yesterday and they are so adorable! I wanted to stay and play with them all evening. I wanted to go out last night as well; but I had hit a wall and all I could do was come home, put on some comfy clothes, eat some dinner, call my mom, chat with Tim on google+ and go to bed.

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